30 Week Bumpdate

Friday, August 26, 2016

Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit

Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit

Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit
Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit
*This one was taken on my phone. This wall was too big to capture fully, But how cool is it?

How far along are you? 30 weeks today! The end is near and I'm keeping my eye on the prize!

How are you feeling? STILL. Like. Crap. I've still got terrible nausea and feel sick pretty much all day, every day. There was this one magical day, August 11th, where it all vanished but then it all came right back the next day with a vengeance and I cried. How silly I was to actually think I had turned a corner! Still taking all my anti-nausea meds and the only bright side is that I don't ACTUALLY throw up as much any more, now it's just occasional but I still feel like I will, so that's kind of an improvement.

I've also developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel (who knew that was a thing?) and have to wear wrist braces when I sleep. It makes me feel like I'm useless. Opening things, brushing my hair and writing is hard (hope you all liked the chicken scratches in my thank you cards!) If the blanket slips down in the middle of the night I need Andrew to help me pull it back up because the pain in my hands is so bad. I used to be able to prenatal yoga at least once a week but my hands and wrists are so painful, I can't even go to that anymore. 

Oh yes, and I currently have an upper respiratory infection too. Fun times!

Any cravings? I kind of hate food. I'm really hoping one day my love for vegetables and cooking comes back. My husband explained it well when he said that it's like going to the grocery store when you are hungry and you want everything, well this is the exact opposite. I want absolutely nothing. Nothing sounds good, nothing looks good and nothing tastes good. I kind of just wander around and think, can I tolerate eating this and will it fill me up enough that I wont wake up at 3 am and need to eat more. I'm mostly eating bread, white rice and any other boring plain foods you can think of.

Any fun parts of the pregnancy so far? Andrew and I do enjoy mocking her and putting words in her mouth. She is definitely a feisty little thing and will  literally swat off pretty much anything that gets in her space thats touches my belly. She does not care for me wearing pants and will kick at the waist band till I take them off. She also does not care for me sitting down either. We like to say that what she is telling me daily is "hey lady, take off your pants and walk around!"

Thoughts on maternity clothes and dressing the bump? I actually really like it. It's pretty great wearing loose dresses all the time and I haven't had to buy much that is actually "maternity" aside from a few essentials. the rest is just flowy and comfortable.  

Le Tote is also pretty great for some random fun pieces that I get to borrow and send back. They send me 5 new maternity pieces that I can swap out an unlimited number of times as well as edit before they send them out. Highly recommend using Le Tote if you are pregnant and have job where you need to look professional while pregnant! Use code HOTPINKSTYLE at check out for a 20% discount till 9/17/16!

What are you looking forward to? We have out maternity pictures coming up with my friend Octavia! She takes amazing photos (for real! Check them out here)so we are going to meet her up in the mountains and take some family photos! Now, what to wear?

How is the nursery going? It is actually almost done! There are really only a few things left to do in there and we plan on knocking a few of them out this weekend. Other than that it's pretty much done. I love hanging out in there and turning on the white noise machine and relaxing in the glider. It's going to be a very relaxing space. It sure makes me sleepy, let's hope it makes her feel the same!

Soulstice Retreat

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,
About a month ago I was lucky enough to attend the most amazing health and fitness retreat in my own state of Utah! If you are unfamiliar with Albion, I suggest you visit their site. I have been a fan of their fitness gear and adorable swimwear since back when I was living in Chicago. I remember on our first visit out here I made a point of visiting their only stand-alone store in City Creek Mall, which lucky for me is only a quick drive from my house now. I had admired how the company worked to bring women and the community together in a goal of living a happy, healthy life full of adventure. 

Any one who knows me knows this is something that I hold dear. I've been an enormous fan of trying any workout that comes out and exposing as many people as I can to it. I've also been a Girls on the Run coach and site coordinator for 5 years helping my female students learn the power of living a healthy lifestyle.

Since moving here, Albion has welcomed me with open arms. They have workshops in store that I have attended and helped me meet people in this new city of ours. I've met some great women and am totally inspired by their mission. 

I knew about their Soulstice Retreat from last year via social media and was set on going this year considering I live here now. So the first thing I did was book my spot within the first few weeks we moved here which was way back in December! I had been looking forward to it ever since.

The Soulstice Retreat was 4 days of amazingness. There were fitness classes, workshops and speakers that all made my heart happy. And the best part was meeting women who shared the mindset of living a happy, healthy life. Women that weren't afraid to fly out from across the country and show up alone  with a non-judgmental comfortable-in-their-own-skin vibe ready to meet new people and experience something unforgettable.  

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,
After checking in to the gorgeous Stein Eriksen Lodge, I was brought to my room with this gorgeous view and my own personal hot tub on the balcony that they were nice enough to make cooler so that I wouldn't roast my baby! This tub was used every night and was so relaxing to look up at the stars and soak at the end of every night! 

We were also given amazing swag bags filled with goodies from so many new brands that I learned so much about over the 4 days. One that has become a favorite in the following weeks was the Crio Bru ground coco beans which has been a great alternative to this coffee lover while pregnant. Did I mention it even has health benefits and natural energy as well as smelling like chocolate without all the calories? So Yummy!

There was also a booth where were able to pick out a pair of Tom's sunglasses that have become my favorite this summer. They are super lightweight and really cute.

I'd have to say the best part was the $400 Albion gift card in the registration packet that we could use at any of the pop up shops they had throughout the retreat. A few of my favorites that I picked out were this jacket that was super useful with the chilly mornings and nights up in Deer Valley. Also I scooped up these two swim suits that are super interchangeable and the palm print top doubles as a sports bra! 

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,
The first night there was a beautiful white party to welcome all the guests to the retreat, just under 100 of us. The table scape was stunning, as was the patio and the sunset view. By the end of this evening I had already met so many fun new people and had a great time.

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,
The next morning I walked over to my fist workshop which happened to be my favorite of the Retreat, A floral arranging class with Soil and Stem! On the way there I passed by this set-up for aerial yoga on the deck! Not a bad view for yoga, huh?

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge,

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge, soil and stem
When I arrived at the outdoor class, I was greeted by this adorable set-up and then this fantastic spread of floral options that was almost too overwhelming to decide what flowers to use.

soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge, soil and stem

This was my finished product. Nicole, of Soil and stem taught me more than I had ever known about floral arranging and I can confidently say I'm alot better at it since this workshop.
soulstice retreat, albion, fit, deer valley, stein Eriksen lodge, soil and stem

I wish I could say I took my pictures from the retreat but after the first morning I was too busy having fun and enjoying the company of my new-found friends that I kind of forgot to keep taking pictures. So if this snippet from the fist 24 hours of the retreat has you curious, take a look here and start daydreaming for next year!

Summer Beauty Product Favorites

Monday, August 22, 2016

mario badescu, maybelline, its a ten, tula day night cream
Summer in the desert has been a new adventure. Throw being pregnant into to the mix and you've got a whole slew of beauty situations that need tending to. These 8 Products have been my go-tos for the last few months and some even longer. read on to find out what makes them each so special.

Tula hydrating day and night cream
Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream: Seriously, this is the best face cream I have tried in years. The price isn't crazy either! Only $52 bucks. It has been so helpful with my crazy pregnancy skin. And I love that its day/night so I don't need two separate products!

its a ten keratin leave in miracle treatment
It's a 10 Miracle leave-in spray with Keratin: Since moving to the desert my hair has been so much better even if it has been a bit drier. I can honestly go 4-5 days with out a wash which has helped my hair grow immensely which is something I've struggled with for many years. Since I don't have to wash and blow dry (aka, damage) my hair as often, I like to give it a little extra love on the days in between washes. I keep a travel size of this and a full size to spray on when needed. Mostly before bed or before I go out in the sun or re-curl my hair. It gives an instant softness to my hair! 

Age rewind brightener, Maybelline great lash big
Maybelline Great Lash: This tried and true favorite always wins out when i get fed up with a more expensive brand and I don't know where else to turn. It's always worked so I'm not exactly sure how I get swept up buying more expensive brands that make big promises. Anyone else keep this classic as their fallback?

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: I haven't actually tried the concealer version of this. I've only used the brightener, as show above. It's an easy to apply highlighter. I constantly avoid highlighters and illuminators because I feel like I always put them on unevenly, but his clever little stick has a built in fluffy applicator on top and all you have to do is twist a few clicks to release the product. It's a pretty genius concept for a highlighter dummy like me.

mario badescu egg shampoo, Mario badescu super rich olive oil lotion
Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Oil Body Lotion: I've been a huge fan of Mario Badescu products for over 15 years now! This lotion has always been one of my favorites. it is super lightly scented and the moisture it delivers is incredible yet is not greasy. My skin just slurps it up, especially now in this dry climate. It's a staple in my moisturizer collection. 

Mario Badescu All Purpose Egg Shampoo: I'm not sure when I started using this one but it had to have been discovered by a sample. One of my favorite parts of buying Mario products is you usually get a bunch of samples when you purchase. Nordstrom now carries so many of their products and I've even seen them at Anthropologie. This shampoo makes my hair feel so clean and leaves it super shiny. And don't let the whole egg thing scare you. it really smells like nothing. Virtually unscented. And only $8!

** On our last trip to New York, I had the best idea to try out the Mario Badescu salon since I've always been such a huge fan of the line, and I must say it was one of the best spa experiences of my life. The staff worked quickly and was so friendly. The best part was that it's SHOCKINGLY AFFORDABLE! The place was packed with men women and teens, apparently the secret is out. If you are in NYC and looking for a spa experience without an outrageous price tag, I suggest you book a facial there. They even do mani/pedi add-ons for $15! And of course, my favorite part is when you leave they send you off with a packed bag of samples! Seriously, do it if you're in town!

estee Lauder anti aging eye balm review
Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm: I think this was another discovery from a free sample. I've been using it for about a year now and love its light non-greasy formula. It sinks in fast and feels light on the sensitive skin around my eyes. 

loreal self tanning mist review, easy self tanner
Loreal Sublime Bronze self-tan spray: This one is great for me considering I can barely reach most of my lower limbs with this pregnant belly in the way. I make sure to use it in a well ventilated area of course. A bit of a tan helps me feel more like myself in the summer, even though I've pretty much been hibernating indoors away from the crazy heat this summer. AC is a summer preggos best friend and so is a little sunless tan spray!

Off The Shoulder Floral Dress

Friday, August 12, 2016

maternity style, red hair, off the shoulder, casual outfit

maternity style, red hair, off the shoulder, casual outfit

maternity style, red hair, off the shoulder, casual outfit

You may remember me talking about the cute dresses that H&M has been putting out this summer that all ring in at under $20! You can see my navy boho printed maxi here and another bright red number here. Well here is the latest edition. This one is just $17.99! it also came with little shoulder ties but I chopped them off because I liked how it looked better without them. 

I just checked the site and this dress is still in stock in almost all sizes but these cheap thrills seem to sell out really fast, so act fast. It also come in blue as well. Hope you catch this one before it's too late!

Happy Friday!!

Canyon Casual

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

maternity, kolob canyon, ghd classic wave wand, oval wand, red hair, converse

maternity, kolob canyon, ghd classic wave wand, oval wand, red hair, converse

maternity, kolob canyon, ghd classic wave wand, oval wand, red hair, converse
Shorts // Tank // Shoes // Sunglasses // Waves with this wand

As you may know from my recent posts on social media, Andrew and I have been traveling alot. Most of it not together unfortunately, but as of this week I'm staying put and resting till this baby is born. Traveling so much pregnant is super exhausting!

The first leg of our travels was a family trip to Las Vegas. My side of the family meets there every summer and this was the first time ever that we lived close enough to just drive there! The drive is very scenic and there are cool places to stop and enjoy the views along the way. 

This spot, Kolob Canyon,  we discovered the first time we drove out to Las Vegas about a month ago and wanted to stop at again because we liked it so much. Isn't it beautiful. The best part is it's only a few minutes off the highway so it barely takes any time to get there.

I've got so much more to share from our trips which include some really awesome murals we found in downtown Las Vegas as well as some fun stuff from Chicago and my baby shower there! Stay tuned while I sort through it all to show you!