Winter Classics

Monday, December 11, 2017

pop cabin socks by roots, winter outfit, hiking boots

pop cabin socks by roots, winter outfit, hiking boots

pop cabin socks by roots, winter outfit, hiking boots

pop cabin socks by roots, winter outfit, hiking boots

pop cabin socks by roots, winter outfit, hiking boots

I find as I get older I make less trendy purchases. I stick to things that I know will last and not date themselves in a couple of years. This outfit pretty much sums up those choices. It stays true to my love of comfort and pops of color, but also includes smart functional pieces that I know I'll wear for years to come and will remain classics. 

This red puffer jacket is perfect for my mountain life here in Salt Lake. It's warm but lightweight and only cost $27!  And what mountain look doesn't include some good hiking boots? These are going on their third winter and still going strong and keep getting rereleased at Nordstrom so you know they are good!. I like that they are somewhere between a hiking boot and a shoe so they aren't too bulky. They are great with these striped top boot socks I looked everywhere for last year but could only find a few of. They are fully stocked in lots of colors right now here in both mens and women' sizes. I like to buy mens because I have giant feet! But don't wait, they sell out fast.

You probably all know about my love for Dagne Dover bags by now... I own five! This 
Petite Tote in Warm Dust is just about the most beautiful shade of dusty pink that isn't too overly girly and not season specific so It's great year round. I find it great for my days with athena because I can fit all my stuff and hers in it surprisingly easily. It's great for the necessities; 1 diaper, bottle, my keys, credit cards and chapstick and phone. 

This hat is probably two or three years old but I always get compliments on it because as you know fair isle is a classic and always great in the winter. I found this cute look alike on Amazon for under $10 and it comes in multiple colors. It would make a great stocking stuffer in my opinion.

So what classics do you love for winter? Do you feel the same way as I do about getting older and avoiding trendy pieces?

What I'm Actually Buying, Wearing and Loving This Holiday Season.

Friday, November 24, 2017

I know you are probably sick of hearing about sale, but if our here, it's because you trust me that I don't always try to sell you on random stuff. I tell you truthfully about only the stuff I'm actually loving and spend my own money on, and spend it wisely because I love a good sale and am willing to wait one out on things worth waiting for.

The items I'm linking here I own, love and wear. Cross my heart! I'm sure some of you have even seen some of these loungy items  in my Instastories because that's how I dress the moment I get home from work.  Like these Ugg slippers or my buffalo check thermal pants and buttery top made from the softest cozy material. Also if you have seen Athena and I rocking onesies together you know I love some adult onesie jammies. Especially when they are 50% off. Pretty much everything you see below is either on sale or worth paying the price in my opinion.

The two that are added into the mix for Athena are some new Freshly Picked baby moccasins because they are 25% off right now and the only shoes we own that don't make walking hard for her or make her feet smell. I also loaded up on H&M baby tights for her in multiple colors. They have so many great two-packs for keeping her legs warm for winter and under pants for our hikes.

And if you are looking for some holiday outfit ideas that are actually comfortable, check out yesterdays post, which consists of more stuff I already own and love and will totally be wearing for all our Holiday parties.

How to Dress Comfortably for Holiday Parties

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Holiday party attire problem. You know the one. You want to look all cute and sparkly but it's cold and you also want to stuff your face with all the yummy foods of the season. So what's a girl to wear when she wants to stay warm, cozy and essentially feel like she's wearing pajamas when it's time to hit all those holiday parties? I've got you covered.

First up, If you have not checked out these new "Easy Pants" from J. Crew, they are a must. 40% off site wide right now btw. They look like tailored pants from the front but the back is elastic! Heck yeah. They come in so many pretty shades and textures. I cant get over how versatile the black lace ones would be with literally any sweater, a sparkly top or a button down. And the pink velvet are hands down my fav and you would expect. The velvet is buttery soft and the shade of pink is just dusty enough to not be overtly girly. I can't wait to wear mine with this super soft stretch silk star top.

Next up is this glittery jersey dress! I tried it on and its amazingly comfortable, not at all scratchy, as you would usually associated with a sparkly dress, and has just the most subtle shimmer of gold, it really almost just looks black from a distance. The shape is flattering and keeps you covered which equals WARM! and the price being under $35 (on sale even more with Black Friday codes on site!) doesn't hurt either.

Your going to need a cute comfy and forgiving top to wear with these fancy new pants so I say make a statement with color and style. This ruffle sleeve sweatshirt I own in baby blue, also comes in black and I bet no one would even notice you were wearing a sweatshirt if you had on a fun top like this! You can always go with a bold color like this Free People sweater I have in hot pink but the red is just perfect for the holidays, don't you think? And if you're already thinking lace or velvet pnts are statement enough and you want to play down the top half, you cant go wrong with a classic white button down with the sleeves cuffed. Want something in between? Try that stretch silk star top I was talking about.

On to shoes. I pretty much wear exclusively flats or heels under 2 inches at this stage in my life and am totally ok with it. I love to have flats that pack a little punch so they are not too basic. These raspberry velvet ones are such a fun color and these tie-maryjane style low heels dress up any pants. I'm also loving these black multi-buckle flats that also come in cheetah and are on sale for $60. Even with all those straps, they are surprisingly comfortable and easy to put on with the easy access back zipper.

All these items are pretty interchangeable so you can mix and match them for multiple parties. So lets review. Deceptively comfy pants paired with a simple or statement top and a pair of interesting flats make for the perfect holiday outfit that you will feel ready to party in all night long! Click on the links or photos to shop the pieces. I aslo threw in these stick-on beaded stars because I think if you add them to a simple clutch, they can step it up to holiday level.

Farm Day

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

ruffle sleeve blue sweater, dagne dover petite tote in warm sand, madewell jeans

Lover of all animals, it was only fair to get this girl to a petting zoo before winter hit and thats just what we did. It's been pretty warm comparatively to what we are seeing from friends back home in the midwest, so we are enjoying these crisp but sunny Fall days. 

This ruffle sleeve sweatshirt is on sale online for $22 but I have seen it in stores for $15 in the Black Friday section so stop in or check back in a few days to get the best deals!

Speaking of deals, Dagne Dover is going to be doing a pretty epic Black Friday sale, so if you've had your eye on my Charlie work bag or this petite tote, it's time to pull the trigger. I am finally going to snap up this backpack come Friday. 

Target is Killin' It

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Target seems to have everything thing I want and then some right now with pieces I'm coveting more than some of my favorite more pricey brands. Who doesn't want to save money this time of year with the holidays rapidly approaching? I've rounded up my favorites, packed with cozy jammies and slippers, super cute shoes that are dead ringers for designer pairs at department stores now, and cute home decor rivaling some serious name brands we all know and love? And how stinking cute are those advent blocks with the numbers on them shaped like tiny houses? They are going to make the perfect gift and will also be making the cutest tiny town on my mantle. Let the Target madness begin!