Life Update

Friday, June 16, 2017

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

baby romper affordable

otter box phone case, defender
Overalls // Top (old but similar here and here) // Hat (similar here) // Phone case // Sandals (old but rose gold options here and here) // Athena's Romper // Athena's white eyelet shoes

1. As you can see by that last picture I've come to terms with my mom status and caved and bought an Otter Box case for my new iPhone 7plus. That thing is big and expensive so I'm not going to let my cute little monkey destroy it without a fight! Gone are the days of my pretty Kate Spade cases. Maybe they will do a collab one day? 

2. I'm off to New York on Monday for my annual Yoga trip! This will mark the 6th year I've attended the Times Square Mind Over Madness event and just like every year prior, I take someone new with me to experience it. This time I'm taking 3 new people with me!! One from out here in Salt Lake and 2 of my good friends from Chicago will be meeting us out there. I'm pretty excited because I somehow managed to get a great deal on a hotel with a private terrace, secure us some fun fashion/beauty meetings and we have epic photo plans! But I only have essentially 2 days there so there is a LOT to pack in. Keep up with all the fun on my instastories!

3. I'm obsessed with making soup and it's freaking June! I'm not sure if it's just because its easy to make a huge crockpot full and have quick meals on hand all week, or that I make them super healthy (gotta find the only chicken broth with no sugar!) and pack a ton of veggies and protein into my day. Maybe it's a little bit of both.

4. We took Athena to visit her new daycare and meet her new teachers and i'm feeling alot less stressed about the whole thing. She was pretty much jumping out of Andrew's arms to get in there and play with the other babies and explore the room. Also, you may have seen on my instastory last week that I enrolled her in Little Gym classes to help with the transition. 

5. I'm seriously considering cutting my hair this Saturday. I'm always wishing for long hair but when it gets there it's nothing special. its just kind of limp and boring. I was looking at pictures from when my hair was shoulder length and I was kind of missing it. So I guess we will see how brave I'm feeling at my appointment at Lunatic Fringe this weekend.

6. I'm equal parts excited and nervous for school to start. I've been out of the teaching world for almost two whole school years and I'm wondering if I remember how to teach. I'm sure it will come back to me like it always does after summer break. I've even found myself dressing more like my former teacher self...and I'm not mad about it. I'm also trying to really enjoy my last little chunk of time home with Athena. I've been so lucky to get to take this break to spend so much time with her in these early months. I will treasure this time we've shared forever!

7. I'm really excited for Father's Day! Andrew doesn't know it yet, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for his first Father's Day!

8. Guys! It's finally happening. I'm shedding some of this baby weight. I knew what it would take with this crazy body of mine and what it takes is very consistent workouts (like 4-5 a week) and really really clean eating. I'm feeling much better and in control and am finding time to enjoy hot yoga, spinning, and barre classes as well as at home workouts. It's not easy but I know how it improves my state of mind so I keep pushing myself. Still not weighing myself but things from my summer boxes that didn't fit when I opened them a few weeks ago are buttoning!  

Top 3 Reasons I Love Our New Hood

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair 

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

On Athena: Bonnet: Brair Handmade // Sweater: Joe Fresh // Sweat pants: H&M // Silver shoes: Amazon

Wow! I swear, every time I post pictures of Athena she looks so little! Even if they aren't from long ago. She needs to slow down with this growing up thing. I'm so not ready.

Ok. So here we are in a super cute little spot in our new hood. People always ask me what it was like moving away from big city life in Chicago to Salt Lake. Technically I didn't really leave city life all together. In fact, ask most people who live in Utah, they would consider where I live to be the bustling city. Obviously to me it's way different because Its not the same as living a few blocks from the Sears (yes, I will always call it that) Tower anymore and not much can compare to that. But to me this new city life is pretty sweet!

So I'm going to share with you my top 3 reasons why I love my new city life.

1. A back yard. Guys! I would never have thought this girl who lived in a concrete jungle for 15 years, who couldn't even identify a square of grass within blocks back near my old apartment, would love a backyard so much. I love having a place to sit outside and hang out with Athena. She loves being outside and I love getting some sun on our lounge chairs. Andrew loves to grill out too and we no longer have to drive to the lakefront, pay to park, walk a few blocks with all our stuff just to grill a meal. It was such a task. Oh, and did I mention we have a pool in our yard? I don't mean to brag, but it's about a foot deep and made of pink's Athena's baby pool. But you better believe I get in with her! Also I have a garden. I haven't grown anything successfully yet but I sure am going to keep on trying!

2. A driveway. Sure, our driveway is on an insane incline since we essentially live on the foothill of a mountain but holy cow, is it nice to drive up to our door and not have to pay to park. People here think I'm crazy when I tell them we used to have to pay $250 a month to park half a block and across the street from our apartment and that was actually a great deal for that neighborhood. Grocery shopping is so much easier too when I don't have debate what I can buy because I have to carry it home. I just buy what we need and don't think twice. What a concept!

3. It's safe. Any place has the potential to be unsafe but for the most part Salt Lake feels pretty crime free. I'm not constantly worried about someone breaking into my car... and sleeping in it overnight (yes, that happened in Chicago) or holing onto my purse with a death grip when I walk on the streets. I don't even worry about turning my wedding rings around in public places. Knock on wood, none of this will ever be a problem here, but those were legitimate daily fears I had in Chicago and I'm slowly loosening my grip on my old reality and settling into this new one. 

With that it also makes living here an excellent place to have children and raise a family. There hasn't been a single place I can think of I was afraid to take Athena or part of town I worried about driving her through. That peace of mind is really priceless.

There is a ton more I love about our new life out West, but these have proved to be the most stark contrasts thus far. Maybe I sound like a Chicago hater now but what i really think it is is that I'm a proponent for change. Especially ones you didn't know you needed till you do them.

So what about you? Did you leave city life? Are you considering it? What is your motivation or feelings about it. If you did leave, what is favorite part since you moved?

My Shopping Secrets for Getting the Best Prices at Anthro and ASOS

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One thing I have a lot of experience with as a personal shopper is online shopping! Many of my clients are long distance so sending them shopping lists for online purchases is very helpful. with all that experience I've learned a few tricks along the way! Today I'm going to share those shopping tips with you for a few of my favorite stores.

Two of my favorite sites to Shop are Anthropologie and ASOS. I'll be showing you what's in my cart for examples and my attack plan for getting the best prices!

1 Anthropologie: I don't like to pay full price here. As much as I would like a $230 dress right now, I know it will go on sale very soon. So where to begin? This one is great because you can actually go in store and examine all the goods! Feel the fabrics, Try things on, get a sense of the hemlines and shapes and silhouettes. I like to add anything to my cart that I have my eye on. How do you do this easily without searching the whole website and trying to remember what you liked in store? Simple! They have a scan tool on their app! If you see something you like in store just scan it and add it to your virtual cart right there in the store on the app just like if you were registering for a wedding! At this point I'm usually still not making any purchases.

Now is the hard part, the waiting game. Every now and then if it's something you can't live without, or is needed for a special occasion, I say bite the bullet and pay full price, but if you have time and like a little excitement in your shopping experience, you can wait out the next sale.  My very best shopping tip for Anthropologie is that the "fresh cuts" section which is what they call their newly reduced items added to the sale section happen the first Tuesday of every month. TODAY! This is your best shot of getting a piece when it's still pretty well stocked in most sizes. This is when I usually buy! If you really like to gamble, You can wait till there is a sale for a percentage off sale. They often do a weekend with an additional 40% or 25% off sale items later in the month. Sign up to be an Anthro perk member and you will get info emailed to you when there is a sale and now free shipping on orders over $150. Don't want to spend $150? Here's what I do, Spend the $150 on something else. maybe you have your eye on a dress and cant' get into the store to try it on. Maybe you have an impatient baby like me who hates dressing rooms. Ship it with your order to get a shot at a try on and then return it and do the whole sale wait-out process all over again if you like it. Or order the item in multiple sizes so you can see which you like the best. That's always a good way to get your total up to free shipping.

*Side note- I also use this app scan trick at Zara too with their app on my phone. And since they have free shipping I would just ship what I want to my house so I don't have to carry a bag or pack it in luggage  (Since I don't have a Zara anymore out here in Utah. Sadness.)

2. ASOS: There is always a sale. But things sell out fast so you have to decide if you want to chance the waiting game. Here is what I do. If I love it, I buy it. If I like it, I buy it. If I wonder if I would like it, I buy it! They have free shipping and free returns so if it goes on sale before I wear it, I just rebuy it and send back the other. Things sell out so fast on ASOS that I like knowing exactly what size I'm going to need so I'm ready. They do not offer exchanges or price adjustments so re-buying is the only way around getting the better price when there is a percentage off or an item goes on sale.

Now, as for finding the things you actually want, that's another story. ASOS is a black hole time suck if you aren't careful. I know I like dresses so I always start there and sort by newest. If I have something in particular in mind like a floral maxi, their search engine is actually very good at giving you what you want. Unlike Target. Man, I HATE their search engine, but that's another story. ASOS also has a Tall section which I love, but if you are more vertically challenged than I, they also have regular and petites too! Makes searching so easy!

Their free returns have to be the easiest in the biz too! The order comes in an easy to return resealable bag, a return sticker with your name and info already printed on it, and a stress free return form. I love that they send an email showing the package has been received by the post office and then and itemized return showing how much you are getting back! No constant checking of your account to see if your refund has finally gone through.

Ok, now that you know my secrets. get to shopping. And just in case you forgot that Anthro tip already, today is the first Tuesday of the month! Start shopping fresh cuts now!

And in case you were curious, here is what I have my eye on from both shops!

Our First Mother's Day

Monday, June 5, 2017

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day

avarca pons, international peace garden, baby gap eyelet dress. off the shoulder dress, mothers day
On me: Off the shoulder maxi dress (only $60!)  // Sandals // Hat
On Athena: Dress // Glitter jellies 

You are going to go ahead and forgive me for the excessive pictures in this post, but I'm obsessed. I love having such a special day captured in such a beautiful place with the sweet girl who made me a mom.

On our first Mother's Day Andrew took us on a picnic to the International Peace Garden here in Salt Lake City. He had stumbled across it on a bike ride and noticed that the Japanese garden looked like a mini version of where we got married in Chicago. He thought it would be the perfect place to take me for our anniversary but got impatient and took me for Mother's Day instead. No complaints here if we go back in October!

We stopped at Whole Foods prior to the picnic to get some food and Athena was the star of the store in her frilly dress and bow. I must admit, I'm super jealous of her gold jelly shoes, I wish they came in my size. They are also just 8 bucks

My off the shoulder maxi was the prefect choice for sitting in the grass with Athena. Maxi dresses are just so easy with a baby because you don't have to worry about anything being too short and accidentally riding up. This one is so light weight and has such bold pretty colors, I got compliments just walking to the car!

Maybe I...and Utah are late to the party, but these Avarca Pons sandals are all the buzz around here. I first heard about them on several stylish Utah ladies IG stories for their easy and insane comfort and boy where they right! I like that they hide my chipping pedi but are still feel like sandals! Seriously so comfy and come in so many colors you will have a hard time choosing.

Hope all you mamas and mama lovers had a great Mother's Day. Now on to prepping for Father's Day! Eek! Email/DM me your good ideas so Andrew doesn't see them ;)

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

Thursday, May 25, 2017

If you like comfy, easy clothes as much as I do, you're going to appreciate my picks from the Nordstrom Sale! I'm all about a flat shoe, a knee length hem line and cute jeans. A fun novelty top isn't going to hurt either. You know I also included some lounge wear because what can I say, I like to lounge as I'm sure you do.

I'm obsessed with the clear Kate Spade Umbrella with the eyes on it! I used to have a phone case just like it and it was a huge hit with my students so I'm sure they will appreciate the umbrella! I'm definitely getting those kelly green Zella leggings. That price and color is too good to pass up. I so wish I didn't already have two pairs of Hunter boots because that pink pair is calling my name.

Happy shopping. All you have to do is click the image to shop it!