Styling Things I Picked Up in NYC

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Every summer when I go to New York I take it as an opportunity to buy some things for the new school year and I usually make a few larger purchases or buy something I normally wouldn’t. It’s a chance to step outside and take some chances and I usually don’t end up regretting them.They turn out to be some of my favorite most memorable pieces that I wear all the time and it’s so nice to have memories attached to the pieces. 

On this trip I didn’t actually buy anything too pricey but I did find a lot of cute pieces that are going to be perfect for this coming school year.
I have been trying to convince my friend to buy this dress for months now and since she won’t do it I finally caved and bought it for myself. It’s a loose fitting Kaftan even though I got it in a size 4. I’m usually at least a 10 at H&M so the sizing is very big on this one. 
Dress // Belt bag // shoes: sold out
Tank: $6 sale find // Silky Zebra Skirt: I had to order this one in my size the instant I touched it. // Flats: Something Navy: sold out // Purse: I cant believe its on sale for $9!
My most frivolous and spendy item of the trip was this Clare V. Lips tee  It will be so fun layered for school. 
Tee // shorts // shoes: sold out
I wanted to go to Everlane for so long because I’ve heard so many great things about these white crops. I didn’t want to order them online because I hate trying on pants and having to send them back. I did love the fit and the price and the material so they came home with me.
These Aritzia tees are my favorite. This one is replacing my well loved and worn one from 3 years ago.

These pants were outside of my norm so I figured why not. Elastic waist too which will make them comfy work pants!
Tee // pants // shoes
These shorts are the same print as the midi skirt I posted in a Zara selfie last week. I’m a sucker for this print!
Tank // shorts // shoes

This Week’s Round-Up

Thursday, July 18, 2019
This dress is under $40! Runs really big. I saw it in store in a small and while that fit I ordered the Medium online and it's perfect.  // Knot sandals that look just like the Jimmy Choo’s // My 3rd Dagne Dover petite tote. See it close up below.
Here she is again! This mini tote is the perfect shade of green/blue/gray!
My 2nd Dagne Dover Dakota backpack.  I couldn't resist this pink color and it's perfect for travel and also on sale right now!
What I wore shopping on my last day in NYC.
Skirt This one totally reminds me of the brand Reformation but this skirt is way more affordable // Lace cami // Sneakers // This sneaker protector spray that worked wonders keeping them pristine even in a rainstorm! // Bag // found this trench at Zara on the trip and it will be a staple for years! I can't find it online anymore though.
What I wore for my first night in NY when meeting up with my friend Ashley at the Plaza in NYC.  Skirt // Black Lace cami // vintage pin // old Banana Republic Scarf // Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote // very old Old Navy sandals.
Lake pajamas are my very very favorite. They are having their summer sale on Monday at 10AM EST and I have my alarm SET!
I’m excited to add these to my work pants collection. Sandals are St. Agni and sweater tank is just $12 !
Tank is super old // shorts // sunnies // sneakers are an investment but are worth the $$ // Bag: Zara sale find. It's marked down right now to $9!

Weekly Round-Up! First Summer Edition

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Thanks to everyone who let me know that this is something they would like to see on the blog! I’m happy to get all this info and pictures off my phone and in an easy to find place. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Oh yes, the child and full time job.

Obviously this is more than just a weeks worth of stuff, it’s pretty much from the start of summer break. I’ve definitely had a lot more time on my hands with Thee in school so there was lots more shopping to be done! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up for you guys as an easy place to access all my outfits and recent finds.

 Let me know in the comments if there is anything I’m missing or something you've seen on my IG or stories that I forgot to put in here.
Top // jeans //scarf // sandals
Skirt // tank // old jacket // sandals
My favorite lip sleep mask- Just a crazy good hydrating balm to wear anytime but even better to let it sink in at night!
White button down top- Same as the green striped one I'm wearing with the denim jumper and just $14 bucks! // pants- I ordered these in rust in a medium // sandals- Great Birk dupes
$5 tee // shorts
Pj top // pj bottoms - those are embroidered lemons on them and i love the flutter sleeve. So much more comfortable to sleep in!
Visor- this was an impulse buy but I'm totally loving it. // dress- Slinky silk material // woven sandals
Sweater tank // shorts // sandals // bag
Jumpsuit // mules // bag
Athena’s Romper // Athena's Sandals //  my sneakers- These are crazy Comfy! I saved up for these and finally bit the bullet! // old Free People jumpsuit
White faux Birkenstock // my favorite sweatpants- I own these in black and gray and even wear the black ones to work!
Nightgown...that I want to wear as a dress!
These tan drops that you mix in with your regular lotion give such a natural looking tan. I even use them on my face! 

Also a few random unpictured things I've talked about that I'm loving....

*This super cute midi dress looks so high end but is under $40
*I'm loving this concealer that’s part of the Sephora clean beauty line.
*these nude mineral lip glosses are my new favs. I love the color Squad!
* These new bed sheets are so affordable and look + feel  way more expensive than their price tag!

Life Update

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Dagne dover ace fanny pack, target, wild fable jumpsuit, redhead hair style, Dyson air wrap

Jumpsuit only $23! // Tee // Fanny pack // Shoes // Sunnies: Old Zara

I'm back. Honestly it didn't feel like 4 months have passed but I guess it did. Serious props to all the mamas out there who work full time, raise kiddos and manage to blog to. I seriously don't know how you do it. I've barely started this post and I'm already tired. 

Want to know what's going on in my world? Well it's all pretty busy but typical. School is just always going to be a high stress environment. I mean, what part of 22 children around you at all times doesn't sound stressful? Just a day in the life. 

This is also the first time I can remember that I took on a design client with my company Jill of All Trades, during the school year (usually I only take bigger projects during summer break) and although it doesn't sound like much, Its alot when trying to run a blog, business, home and classroom. Thankfully I have awesome and patient clients, this time is no exception.

A few new things I'm loving right now?
1. Sitting here currently with Olaplex on my hair so we will see the verdict on that one tomorrow. 
2. My Dyson Air Wrap. Sweet lord, that thing is just amazing. The better I get at it, the more I want to return my Dyson hair dryer. I'm finding it is able to replace that and I never thought that was possible!
3. Gal Meets Glam Dresses. Pretty much every month I want a new one but I have to restrain myself. I love the floral pattern on this one and I decided to keep this pink maxi after showing you all in my Instastories. 
4. Checkerboard Vans! I got these dusty pink ones for myself and  this pair for Athena, but she told me as soon as I opened the box that she didn't like them and wouldn't even try them on. You guys, they were adorable and hot pink! What's not to like. I returned them because lord knows, I'm not forcing her to wear $30 toddler shoes if she doesn't even want to wear them. 
5. A lace kimono. Finally found one that I think is the perfect mix of Free People vibe for a 30 something woman.

Still going to Core Body Pilates at the crack of dawn, but looking to get out into the fresh air soon too. I always think I'm going to start running outside and then I try and remember how much  I HATE RUNNING!
Still trying to calorie count but i just finished doing a whole 30 and want to be a little more loose with the actual counting of the calories and just be free to eat lots of veggies. What I discovered after doing this last whole 30 is that I really do like to eat whole foods the best and I don't even really put much on them and I'm still happy. So I'm going to just eat my cucumber salad with nothing on it but some salt and pepper and oregano  and deal with however many calories are in it without stressing about it. I mean has anyone ever gained a bunch of weight eating too many cucumbers?

This Outfit
I pined over this pair of shoes for literally 1.5 years and then I some how managed to score them for 70% off during the holiday Net-A-Porter sale a few months ago! Finally, they are mine!

This jumpsuit I now own in both colors and I suggest you do the same. It's so affordable, easy to wear and layer for spring and summer. 

Last but not least, the Dagne Dover fanny pack! Are you even cool if you don't have one? I think not. Ok, just kidding. But really, it's the most chic, easy-to-wear, bag I own and I love that it makes me feel waaaay cooler than I really am.

What I really want for Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

In years past, I don't think I've had an exact list of things I actually wanted/needed but this year I've really honed in on what is needed and missing in my life. Here's what's on my short list. They are all based on things I will actually use every day and know won't be wasteful. I'm pretty sure if you live  a life where comfort and simplifying daily life are important, you would be happy if some of these things showed up under your tree too.

Smash and Tess Romper: I have one of these from Andrew last year and wear the absolute heck out of it. It's amazingly comfortable and just the best. I have my eye on the navy short sleeve one.

Dyson Hair Dryer: What else can I say, sometimes you just want a flashy piece of technology. Ive heard nothing but good things from friends who have them and I appreciate the technology behind them. I'm also all for anything that will do less damage to my hair!

Dyson cordless vacuum: As a person who loves to clean, I really hate to vacuum because I have to have the cord all over so to not have a cord is a game changer. This one even turns into a smaller hand-held option too so I can take it out to my car.

Yeti cup: Keeps your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for the WHOLE DAY! I love ice cold water so this seems dreamy. Also lots of room for coffee first and it comes in pink!

Microblading touch up: Microblading is pretty much the only cosmetic procedure I've ever done to my face and I'm so glad I did. It looks so natural and makes a huge impact and lasts for the whole year, if not more. I need a tiny touch up but  I think I can hold out a little bit longer. When I do go back, this is where I go.

Lake Pajamas: Guys. These are THE BEST! I refer to them as the best things that have happened to my adult life. They are amazingly comfortable pajamas and my favorite part is that they come in long lengths (like 35 inch inseam long!!) and super classic colors and stripe patterns. these would make the best gift for a mom. They aren't cheap but they are  so worth it IMO.

Someone to paint/wallpaper my bathrooms: This one can't be bought in a store so maybe if I just leave this hint here maybe Santa will come visit with a paint brush or a few rolls of wallpaper in hand.

Magnetic train set for Athena: I don't like alot of toys in our house and I really don't think Athena needs a bunch of crap in our house to play with. She has a great imagination so I only like getting her toys I really know she will play with. This girl loves a train so I would love to get her one of those old school wooden train track sets with the magnetic cars. If you know of a good one, let me know!