Danielle Bernstein Review

Friday, July 3, 2020

New in are these two floral pieces and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them. First of all, the Danielle Bernstein line that’s exclusively sold at Macy’s is kind of new to me but I was all eyes when I saw this vintage floral print midi dress. I had held off on ordering it because I knew that the gathered eslastic sleeve is not my favorite style. But the floral was just so beautiful I had to try it on for myself so I ordered it and when it arrived I was torn. The fabric and the print are both beautiful and feel very high-quality. It’s a little heavier than I was expecting it to be. Although I think it’s beautiful the main reason I’m sending it back is the neckline is just too low. I tried using my sticky bra to keep things classy but I feel like it’s just a little too low cut for my taste and lifestyle. That being said I think this would look beautiful on someone with a smaller chest. 

This floral mini skirt was an afterthought but was on sale for $25 so I thought I’d give it a try since I was ordering. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Usually things with a slit are not really up my alley, again because my lifestyle and career don’t really match up with the high slit. The slit however is not very high and the fabric is dreamy. It’s a lightweight, structured and somehow just a little bit stretchy too. Really high-quality and amazing for the sale price. It also comes in a dress form that’s also very on sale right now as well.

Overall my experience with my first order of the Danielle Bernstein line was fantastic. I love trying on pieces from new to me brands so I can figure out sizing and style for my next order. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 

Weekly Round-Up! First Summer Edition

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Thanks to everyone who let me know that this is something they would like to see on the blog! I’m happy to get all this info and pictures off my phone and in an easy to find place. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Oh yes, the child and full time job.

Obviously this is more than just a weeks worth of stuff, it’s pretty much from the start of summer break. I’ve definitely had a lot more time on my hands with Thee in school so there was lots more shopping to be done! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up for you guys as an easy place to access all my outfits and recent finds.

 Let me know in the comments if there is anything I’m missing or something you've seen on my IG or stories that I forgot to put in here.


Top // jeans //scarf // sandals

Skirt // tank // old jacket // sandals

My favorite lip sleep mask- Just a crazy good hydrating balm to wear anytime but even better to let it sink in at night!





White button down top- Same as the green striped one I'm wearing with the denim jumper and just $14 bucks! // pants- I ordered these in rust in a medium // sandals- Great Birk dupes

$5 tee // shorts 

Pj top // pj bottoms - those are embroidered lemons on them and i love the flutter sleeve. So much more comfortable to sleep in! 


Visor- this was an impulse buy but I'm totally loving it. // dress- Slinky silk material // woven sandals

Sweater tank // shorts // sandals // bag

Jumpsuit // mules // bag

Athena’s Romper // Athena's Sandals //  my sneakers- These are crazy Comfy! I saved up for these and finally bit the bullet! // old Free People jumpsuit 

White faux Birkenstock // my favorite sweatpants- I own these in black and gray and even wear the black ones to work! 

Nightgown...that I want to wear as a dress! 

These tan drops that you mix in with your regular lotion give such a natural looking tan. I even use them on my face! 

Also a few random unpictured things I've talked about that I'm loving....

*This super cute midi dress looks so high end but is under $40
*I'm loving this concealer that’s part of the Sephora clean beauty line.
*these nude mineral lip glosses are my new favs. I love the color Squad!
* These new bed sheets are so affordable and look + feel  way more expensive than their price tag!

Athena’s Fall Wardrobe

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Last weekend H&M was having a 10% off your purchase and sale so I decided it was a good time to get Athena some new back to school clothes. She is starting in her new three-year-old Pandas class on Monday so it was the perfect time for a refresh! All of the pieces we got her come in at $30 or under. This weekend they are also having a 20% off your purchase of $100 or more so now would be the perfect time to stock up for yourself and your kids! 


Unfortunately all the shoes pictured here were summer Zara sale scores and are all sold out. Make a mental note for June, next summer to buy all your kids fall shoes then! 

baby-kid-knit-setThis little little sweater set was just darling and I love the color blocking for easy mix and matching with some of her other basic T-shirts.

toddler jumpsuit blushThis cute knit romper came in three different colors. I can’t help but love a romper, as does Athena! 

fall toddler wardrobe leggings long lengthSince Athena is so long and lean the picture on the website that you see here makes these pants almost look like capris but I was pleasantly surprised that they are very long so they accommodate her shape really well. The little button detail elevates them above the basic leggings. They come in a set of two for $14.

toddler girl bonnet affordableAthena has worn bonnets since she was a baby and I just think she looks so darling in them. This one was just $12 and comes in the most adorable muted blush shade. 

New Finds

Happy back-to-school season! I just started back at work with students on Wednesday so I'm fully immersed in the mood.

I’m super bummed for you guys about losing my swipe up capabilities on Instagram but honestly with the new school year starting I don’t have a ton of motivation to fix that so I’m using what I have by posting all of my recent finds on this platform for you all who want it in one place. Hopefully this helps.

Here are my favorite fins of the week!


This rug is jaw dropping! The texture and color will be perfect in my living room to replace our current rug that’s starting to unravel. And the price this weekend is just TOO GOOD to pass up! Seriously! It reminds me of a Very pricey Serena and Lilly rug I've coveted for some months now.

striped old navy jumpsuit
I wore  this jumpsuit this jumpsuit on Friday and got about a million compliments which is great for a girl who was rocking unwashed hair and was really tired after the first week back to school! It also comes in tall which is what I got and the fit is perfection.

brow tinting kit
When I posted this brow tinting kit, so many of you wanted to know more! It's so worth it because it makes a world of difference. It will literally last you a solid years’s worth of tints and it’s only $20! FYI to all my Utah pals, I keep this in my backpack so I’m ready to play beauty shop and tint your brows in 5 mins or less! 

You probably all know my love for Smash and Tess rompers. They were having a huge sale this week and since shipping from Canada is always pricey, I added these romperalls I’ve had my eye on since they came out to my order to get free shipping. So that’s like getting them for a discount, right? 

puff sleeve sweatshirt
This hasn’t showed up in the mail yet but I’m excited for this $27 puff sleeve sweatshirt. This color always looks great with my hair color so I’m hoping it will fit well!

snake print midi
This skirt is part of the new Richard Allen collaboration line at H&M. I love the subtle hit of “snake” print but it’s actually like cheetah print up close. Did I mention a hidden elastic waist? Yes please!

I have such a hard time finding cheetah print that I think looks classy but this sweater surprised me. Also it’s not itchy in the slightest which is always a plus! And it comes in at $29!

Styling Things I Picked Up in NYC

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Every summer when I go to New York I take it as an opportunity to buy some things for the new school year and I usually make a few larger purchases or buy something I normally wouldn’t. It’s a chance to step outside and take some chances and I usually don’t end up regretting them.They turn out to be some of my favorite most memorable pieces that I wear all the time and it’s so nice to have memories attached to the pieces. 

On this trip I didn’t actually buy anything too pricey but I did find a lot of cute pieces that are going to be perfect for this coming school year. 

I have been trying to convince my friend to buy this dress for months now and since she won’t do it I finally caved and bought it for myself. It’s a loose fitting Kaftan even though I got it in a size 4. I’m usually at least a 10 at H&M so the sizing is very big on this one. 
Dress // Belt bag // shoes: sold out

Tank: $6 sale find // Silky Zebra Skirt: I had to order this one in my size the instant I touched it. // Flats: Something Navy: sold out // Purse: I cant believe its on sale for $9!

My most frivolous and spendy item of the trip was this Clare V. Lips tee  It will be so fun layered for school. 
Tee // shorts // shoes: sold out

I wanted to go to Everlane for so long because I’ve heard so many great things about these white crops. I didn’t want to order them online because I hate trying on pants and having to send them back. I did love the fit and the price and the material so they came home with me. 

These Aritzia tees are my favorite. This one is replacing my well loved and worn one from 3 years ago.

These pants were outside of my norm so I figured why not. Elastic waist too which will make them comfy work pants!
Tee // pants // shoes

These shorts are the same print as the midi skirt I posted in a Zara selfie last week. I’m a sucker for this print!
Tank // shorts // shoes