Monday, December 31, 2012

Where am I going in this outfit you ask? Oh just out to dinner with my husband and father-in-law. This is what everyone wears out with their in-laws right? Faux-leather pants? That's normal?

You see, sometimes I have this problems where I get an outfit idea in my head (today it was stripes and dots in black and white) and I must wear it. I make it acceptable (in my head at least) for whatever occasion it is. Even if it's too dressy or too casual for the occasion, I just do it. The trick is to wear it with confidence, that way even if you wind up looking like Beetlejuice (kind of like I do here) you still feel great and it totally works!

I hope that whatever you decide wear to ring in the new year you feel fabulous in it and you are surrounded by great company! Happy 2013!

Pants: ASOS
Heels: Zara Chain Court Shoe (sold out online)
Blazer: Express
Blouse: H&M (old)
Bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: Mens from Target

A Few Pretty Things...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I must have Kate Spade on the brain because all I can think of today is pretty blush colors and sparkles! Not the worst state of mind...

Have a great Saturday and if you are still looking for anything New Year's related to wear and need some help let me know in the comments!

A Few Pretty Things

The Best I Can

Friday, December 28, 2012

The night before was a late night (holiday party) and the morning was an early one (meeting). This is the best I could do on 5 hours of sleep. It was comfy and cozy for such a yucky rainy day.

If you were interested in any of the Kirna Zabete items from the Target line back in September but never picked them up, now is the time. They are all on clearance including these faux-leather pants for $10.49 and this cute tweed dress for $15.74! 

But buyer beware, the sizing is way weird on these items. My cardigan here is an XS which is weird considering it's quite long on me and I'm 5'9"! Just do what I did, and buy a whole bunch of sizes to get the right fit (and free shipping!) then return what doesn't work to your local target.

 Cardigan: Kirna Zabete for Target (on major sale here)
Boots: Hunter
Necklace: Forever 21(white version here)

Bad Karma/Great Tweed

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This is my bad-fashion-karma tweed jacket. 

Explanation: I have been looking for a tweed jacket for a few years that didn't look too "old lady" like. I saw this on the returns rack in the fitting room in Zara and knew I had to have it. They didn't have my size out so I had to wait forever (on this particularly busy Saturday on Michigan Ave) for them to find it, which they finally did. I was waiting in line to do a return when they brought it up. My return was for $35 and they rang up this jacket up for $29! Considering the tag said $89 I asked her to repeat the total again, which she did and said it was $32 and some change (post tax total). I figured I gave her a chance to fix it but she didn't notice so I even came out a few bucks on top after my return. 

Zara rarely if ever has an unmarked sale so I'm going to say this was her mistake but my gain. But now I'll also have some bad fashion karma. Maybe this is why the perfume I've been wearing for  the past 7 years was discontinued! The universe is paying me back. Nothing in life is free!!

 My new Mac Lipstick in "Impassioned"

Boots: DSW in Cabernet (still here on Piperlime)
Tweed Jacket: Zara (sold out online)
Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Ann Taylor outlet

Double Duty: One Sweater, Two Ways

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I think I'm no longer proudest of how an outfit turns out, but instead how long I can tolerate being outside without a coat to photograph it!

It was straight-up freezing this day and you can even see the frozen puddles behind me. Not to mention this sweater has a pretty open weave to let all that brisk Chicago wind right in! Yikes!

This sweater got a lot of use in the last week. First for another one of my husband's work parties, then for an "End of the World" party from last Friday.

Do you have any pieces that have been doing double duty this holiday season?

 Yes folks, those are some ice puddles... and I am standing here with my coat off! Smart, I know.

 Very old men's watch from Target. Vintage ID bracelet. Real goosebumps!

DIY mint rhinestone necklace from this post from a few months back.

Boots: Arlecia by Ivanka Trump
Green Sparkle Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
ID Bracelet: Vintage from the Randolph Street Market
Watch: Very old men's watch from Target

Blogger friend Amy and I dressed pretty much the same the last day of work!

LOOK 2: What I wore to another holiday work party

Heels: Zara (last seen here)
Faux-Leather Skirt: Forever 21 (last seen here)
Sparkle Collar Necklace: Charlotte Russe (last seen here)
Sweater: H&M

Our Holiday Tradition!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last Christmas my husband and I decided to start our first tradition as a married couple. We took a trip to the Music Box Theater to see the double feature of White Christmas/It's a Wonderful Life! It's a super Christmas-cheer-filled event including a organist-accompanied sing-along, hot chocolate, jingle bells and Santa hats and of course Santa Claus himself!

This year we decided just to go for White Christmas, which is our favorite. We figure that for future Christmases, if we can't make it back here to this particular theater, we can always watch the movie at home wherever we wind up.

I hope this Christmas brings you and yours much happiness as you celebrate, share, or even begin your own Holiday traditions.

Merry Christmas!

Outside the theater.

 In the festive lobby

 A sea of santa hats inside the theater during the sing-along!

 What I wore

Peplum Coat: H&M
Pink Leather Gloves: H&M
Ear-Flap Hat: J Crew Factory
Dress: H&M ($10!)
Polka-dot Tights: Forever 21
Purse: Aldo Outlet
Chain Necklace: Oia Jules via Etsy
Spike +Sparkles Necklace: Gifted from Amy
Elephant Bracelet: Ebay (in silver)
Round Sparkle Bracelet: Forever 21
Black and White Pattern Bangle: Forever 21
Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac

Return of the Peplum Coat!

Monday, December 24, 2012

This coat has been nothing but trouble, but I simply refused to give up hope on it because it is just too gorgeous! At first it was just a smidge too long, so I had it tailored to bring it up a bit. Then the hem was all crooked because the material is so thick and hard to tailor, so it had to go back for another week to get worked on. Finally it's back where it belongs.. with me!

And anyone who knows me or has been reading my blog for a while knows I name my coats after people/dinosaurs! This coat is my "Rachel Berry coat" because she wore it on a recent episode of Glee.

I can't find it listed on the H&M website and never could, but I have seen it at all the Chicago locations in the past month if you are interested. Probably even on sale by now too.

Button Down: J Crew(similar here)
Booties: Report Marks in sand
Necklace: Vintage (purchased at the Randolph Street Market)
Watch: Michael Kors
Coat and pink Gloves: H&M
Belt: J Crew Factory (old)
Bracelet: Ebay (same but in silver)
Hat: (old) Forever 21

(We Were) Snowless in December

Friday, December 21, 2012

When we took these pics last weekend it was still snowless in December, and as I write this the snow is finally coming down in Chicago. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to buy those last minute gifts ASAP!  I'm still hoping a certain sister-in-law's magic pants show up in time in the mail before the 25th!

Wedges: (old) Urban Outfitters
Sweatshirt: Forever 21 (last seen here)
Faux-Fur Vest: Forever 21 (on sale for $28!)

If you are a Face Book fan of mine, you have seen this holiday mani. If not, It's Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI,  some random metallic rose gold polish near the cuticle that I tapered off as I moved upwards. Then I added some chunky silver glitter around the base of each nail and a layer of Essie, Good To Go! It still looks this good 6 days later!! I kid you not! I'm looking at it right now!