Cool Spring

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

                      Light pink Peplum top H&M, Shorts Madewell, Cheetah print sandals Target

This is the second day of our super hot July 4th trip. I would like it to be known that I DO NOT frolic about in nature regularly, even though the last few pics I have posted tell a different story. Nature and I are pretty much allergic to one another and I'm ok with that. I stay In the city, and she stays where she is, sometimes our paths cross and a Claritin has to get involved.

So as I said, it was hot, like 103 hot this day. So for some relief we went to stand down in this shady spring which is actually about 20 degrees cooler and it makes for a pretty nice backdrop. And if you can see the cans behind me in the water, it doubles as a cooler!

This afternoon I will be meeting some friends for the Style Chicago sidewalk sale at Daley Plaza.
 I hope to score some fab loot!
Have a great day!

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