Digital Sequins

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm starting off today with a Fashionable Friend Feature, something I'd like to make a regular occurrence on this blog because lets face it, my friends have great style too.

This is Erica looking ever so glamorous on a casual Saturday morning at the Randolph Street Market. She was doing a whole lot of window shopping that day...get it...see what I did there?
 Top: Banana Republic , Coral capris Target (Mossimo): , Sandals: Famous Footwear , Gold watch: La Mer via Gilt

This was on our way out to our Cuban date At 90 Miles Cafe. We had a great date with the best service from Raul. He gave me a big bag of wine corks for a DIY project I have planned and showed me where the secret bathrooms were so I didn't have to wait in line! Truly the way to my heart!
We finally had a chance to drink the wine we got from our friends rehearsal dinner at a winery in Ohio. Gotta love BYOB.
 Top: Nordstrom Digital sequin print, Shorts: Loft, Shoes Reef Summer on sale here, Watch: Michael Kors, Bangles mix of Forever 21 Nordstrom and new find from the Randolph market earlier that morning. Bag: vintage Coach Willis

 I love the bow on the back of this top!

 Close up of this digital sequin print and my new opal/pearl-ish bangle from the market. Only 9 bucks!



  1. Yay, thanks for the honorable Fashionable Friend mention! :) I really wanted one of those windows! I have a total "thing" for bare tree branches.. maybe next time, if I'm feeling splurge-y.
    PS - love the sequin top!

  2. You should totally get those tree branch wall decals for your house.I think your sister bought the sequin top too! So many people to borrow it from now!

  3. I have stalked tree branch wall decals ever since I bought my condo 3 years ago but never bought any! I'm gonna go search for some right now..
    aaaand I'm totally borrowing her sequin & leather tops she bought!! CLOSET RAID!!

  4. I might have to borrow that black faux leather peplum top as well.

  5. Love that the Jilbert wine made a cameo in the blog!

    1. Hey, it is JILLbert, right? It's totally welcome to come back if they would like to send some more my way...hint hint!

  6. This top is everything.