Garden Party

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spent a day in Winnetka hanging out with some of my favorite kids. Yes I was brave and wore white around children, even survived through chocolate frozen yogurt! Only problem I encountered with this lace tank was getting hooked to the wire chair at the frozen yogurt shop! Close call, but no snags!

These pink pants I own in 7 different colors, seriously, 7!  They are stretchy and super comfortable plus they get mistaken for denim all the time. They are light-weight twill and just $15.80 a pair! New Fall colors were just added to the website here. Enjoy!

Lace tank, hot pink pants and chain bracelet F21, Pink watch La Mer, Bangles Nordstrom and F21, Tri-color metallic woven sandals Enzo's via Bloomingdales outlet in Schaumburg ($39!), Necklace J Crew outlet


  1. I think I need those pants... I can sew up some tunics to wear with them! Cute!

  2. They run really big! I mean we all know what we think when we hear forever 21 sizes, like they are made for a tiny 12 yr old girl, but these are measured on some totally other scale. I bought 28s and 29s and the 29s stretch out by the end of the day so the 28s are better. Droopy butt= not hot.