Great Wall

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. If next Saturday morning rolls around and you find yourself up before 8AM looking for something fun to do, head down to Millennium park for the free workouts in the park. They have been a favorite of mine for the past 5 summers. Yoga at 8, Pilates at 9, and Zumba at 10.
After that we got ourselves cleaned up enough to head over to one of my favorite walls in the city to take some pictures. Then over to Burger Fest in Roscoe Village for a fun night with friends. Many burgers enjoyed by all! Good times.
By the way, I am in love with this new skirt! I saw a girls wearing it on the street and wondered where it was from. Then, just like it was meant to be, This half sheer beauty appeared right in front of me at the XXI on State Street! And for $14! How can you beat that? Get it while it's still in stock!

Sunglasses Target $13, Tank Forever 21 $5, Skirt Forever 21 $13.50, Sandals Steve Madden On super sale at Nordstrom $39.90, Black Watch La Mer, Spike Bracelet Via Ebay, Snakeish skin bracelet from Nordstrom sale bangle set, Necklace and Tear drop cluster bracelet $12.80 Forever 21.


  1. Love the outfit, girlfriend!! That wall is gorgeous, where is it!??

  2. Thanks. It's at the Icon theater.