Fade-Out/Ombre Mani

Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally home from Vegas and well rested. I didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up at 1 in the afternoon the day after our return flight! Yikes! Guess I needed some rest. I was not very productive for the rest of the day, but I did manage to go pick up a few items to fill up our bare refrigerator and take a few outfit pics.

The real highlight of my day was finding this new fade-out/ombre mani inspiration from Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere! Huge thanks to her for the inspiration and great taste.

So this time I copied her, but I can see this transitioning into so many different color combinations later this fall. I've been loving all the gold french tips I've been seeing around the blogger/Pintrest world, but it's just too hard for me to do the tips straight. This fade-out tip is a perfect compromise because imperfection is totally on your side.

I tried out a few different combinations (see below) before I decided on my final colors of Revlon, Dark Pleasures "Talk Dirty" & Essie "Steel-ing the Scene"

I used a make up sponge to put on the darker tips. The key is: less is more. Only put a small swipe of polish on one corner of the sponge. You can aways add more later. I went back and did an extra layer right at the tip to make the fade more strong. At the end I used a Q-tip dipped in remover to go around and clean up the edges.

And there you have it! Fade-out/ombre mani that will be perfect for all your fall events! Have fun creating your own color combinations. I'd love to hear all about them... and if you send me a picture I might use it in a future blog post!

 The finished product!

 "Dirty Talk" & "Steel-ing the Scene"

 All my trial combos, one on each nail. I decided on the ring finger combo, but I also like the pointer finger option too. Not so impressed with the light tip trial at all.

My work station.

Ready to go in minutes with my favorite and quite possibly the best quick-drying topcoat out there: Essie "Good to go." The best ten $10 you can put towards any at-home manicure, I promise! It's always dry before I even remember that I just painted them and start engaging in some sort of mani-damaging activity. I've been using it for years.


  1. Do your nails start to get damaged from changing the polish so much? When I change the color a few weeks in a row the tips can start to peel a little bit... I read somewhere that the nail polish remover is bad for them. Have you ever had that problem?

  2. P.S. I love the colors that you went with and the overall effect!

  3. I keep my nails cut so short and take such good care of them that there isn't really any damage. Not to mention I pretty much always have polish on them so seeing them bare and noticing the actual nail is very few and far between. I usually change and groom them once a week. My nails grow really fast. But I'd trade you in a heartbeat for that hair growing power or yours! Very jealous!

    1. OK, good to know. I just bought some "nourishing" nail polish remover, so we'll see how that goes.

      Thanks! I hardly ever use any product or heat on it (mostly because I'm lazy), so I suspect that might help the ends stay a little nicer than they would be otherwise. Then I don't have to get it trimmed that often, and it just keeps growing and growing.

      Enjoying the blog!

  4. That's such a cool mani. I have the ombre hair, now I have to try the nails!!