Faux Leather Friday

Friday, August 10, 2012

This infusion of faux leather seems to be a little Friday trend I'm starting. Last week it was this Zara top with faux leather pocket and shoulder panels, and this week it's on these awesome new leggings from Topshop. I love them now but will I be able to get away with these while teaching? Hmmm... I'll find a way.

I tend to have an overly colorful wardrobe. I think my closet pretty much has every shade of the rainbow and then some. But about once a week I crave a tougher look, something that consists of dark shades of clothing and a bit smokier makeup. I guess it balances out all the girliness of the bright and cheery colors I wear the other 6 days of the week.

I am a little addicted to Zara t-shirts lately. So comfy and cool all at a reasonable price. They always have enough detail to step them up from the average tee. And my favorite part is that they are long which is great for us tall girls who like to wear the legging and tee look and still keep covered up. 
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Tee: ZARA(get this one while you can, it's selling out fast!), Leggings: Topshop, Sandals: Sam Edelman Trina, Bangles: Nordstrom, Natasha Couture, Watch Michael Kors. Chain and leather necklace: Oia Jules on Etsy


  1. I have the opposite problem; I wear too much black haha! I love this, and your necklace. I just ordered one from there.

  2. Love the leggings and your sandals. My work week usually consists of professional looks, but I love a little bit of rock and roll on the weekends :) Heather

  3. this is honestly the only time I've seen these sandals that I have loved them on someone! you styled this so well. love!


    1. Ahhh for me they had been love at first sight when I saw them in NYC back in June. They were sold out everywhere so I bought them on my phone, right then and there! And so glad I did!