Greek Fest/Rain Fest

Monday, August 27, 2012

What a crazy day it was yesterday! Originally we were supposed to go to Greek fest in our neighborhood with friends but then it started to drizzle... then rain... then it turned into a monsoon! Streets were flooded and the fest vendors started to close up. My friend Erica came up with the great idea to just go to Greek Islands restaurant. Just as we were getting our dessert, the power went out! BLACK OUT! And not just one of those flicker on/off/on kind of things, It stayed off! Even when we left the lights were still out! I'd never seen such a thing in all my years living and dining in Chicago.

We did manage to catch a few dry(ish) moments to take a few pics early in the day. 

My fresh new dye job is rivaling that truck

Necklace: Vintage, Ruffle Tank: very old Banana Republic, Accordian pleat skirt and bangle: recent Forever 21, Wedges (or as I like to call them my Kate Middleton wedges): Rampage, Nails: OPI Koala Berry

One more thing, today is my first day back to teaching since mid-June! Summer is officially over and I'm not too happy about that. Expect to see more teacher appropriate outfits for the next 9 months while school is in session!

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