Help Me Decide- Floral Jean

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

              1 $49.71                                             2  $31.48                                  3 $58.00
*click on the # link if you would like to see them on a model half my size :)

I must say, I was extremely happy when I came home from the produce market, and in my lobby sat a package from ASOS! I knew exactly what it was, I was waiting for it. Today was the day when my array of floral-print jeans were arriving. But with this package came a choice. I told myself that I would choose only one. And now I am faced with a decision that is almost too hard to make on my own. 

To anyone who has recently been considering trying the floral jean trend, did you notice that all of these options are under $60? That's pretty awesome considering the options that have been out there all summer from Citizens and Joe's were all well over $100. I know this trend will not be lasting forever so I'm not about to invest $200 in one pair.

If it weren't for the lovely Olivia Palermo in this pic I might not have ever even purchased one pair. I mean who wouldn't be inspired by this outfit? Girl's got style!

Alright, so here is where you come in friends, HELP ME DECIDE! Which do you like best and why? I'd also appreciate which you like least as well (because maybe I can be swayed into keeping 2 pairs...)
Thanks for the help!


  1. I could never pull these off, but you sure can. #3 are the ones I think you should keep. The other two are a bit loud for my taste, unless I lived in Florida or something.

  2. I think you would get the most use from #3 but I do love #1 with the fun bright print and zippers. Maybe the orange top is swaying me as well that together lady!

    1. I bought that orange silk top in NYC in June! I love it so and have been dying to wear it! Can't wait for some cooler temps! Thanks for the opinions!

  3. I think #3 is most practical. But I really like #2 - it must be the pink!!!