Lost Summer Outfits

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As you read this my whole family and I will be on a plane to Vegas to celebrate my dads 70th birthday!! We have all been going to Vegas just about every summer as long as I can remember. So while I'm enjoying the sun at the pool, and shopping at Caesar's, you can enjoy some outfits that never made it to the blog. Surprisingly a lot of the items pictured are still available online, and best of all, on sale! 

I packed more outfits, jewelery, and shoes than I can possibly wear in a 4 day trip... but I sure will try. Lots of pics coming soon!

Sometimes there is just no one around to take pictures of all the outfits I wear, and there are lots. My husband wonders just how many times I change my clothes per day. So here are some of the lost summer outfit pics snapped in my house using the good old auto-timer!

Worn to a dentist appointment then to some errand running
Vest: Zara, Striped top:(old) Loft, Dark cuffed denim shorts:(old) Target, Bracelet: Loft

Trial outfit for date night but wound up being too hot out for the top and booties
 Top and necklace: Forever 21, Shorts: Zara, Booties: Marks by Report on sale here
Leopard belt: Express

Worn to a work meeting
 Maxi dress: Old Navy (on sale here), Mirrored silver sandals: H&M, Necklace (old) Forever 21 

Worn on a solo shopping trip a few weeks back when Loft had their 50% off everything from noon-7 sale. Also biked in this outfit.
 Polka-dot top: J Crew (on sale here), Green sandals: H&M, Shorts: Loft, Watch: La Mer

Worn out on a bike ride to meet a friend
 Pants and top: Forever 21, Belt: Vintage

Worn to a meeting at school

 Shorts: Madewell (on sale here), Top: Forever 21, Sandals: Sam Edelman Trina, Bag: H&M, Necklace: Oia Jules on Etsy

Worn to the farmers market
 Sandals: Shoemint Kelin, Dress and vest: Old Navy

Worn out to have lunch with my dad on his official birthday. 
Top: Target, Skirt: Macys, Wedges: So old I can't remember

As you can see this absolutely not in my apartment, it's at Oak St. Beach
Dress:ASOS on sale for $18.73!

This one is definitely not in my house either but it is a lost summer outfit from  the week of the 4th of July!

Shorts: H&M $7, Black top: Gap, Hat: Nordstrom BP


  1. I'm obsessed with the "trial date night outfit," with the white shirt and shorts. So simple, but so chic.

    1. Thanks! Those high-waisted Zara shorts are coming out today! And then turning into a similar outfit tonight!