Fall Shoe Favorites All under $70!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Shoe Favorites

1. C Label 11 Hudson $49
2. Sole Society-Kelly $49.95
3. Sole Society- Krista (also in black) $49.95
4. C Label Hudson 10 (in 3 colors) $49
5. Me Too-Patty (in Pewter)
6. Naturalizer- Lennox $49.99
7. Charger by Wanted $69
8. Fringed Booties-Forever 21(in stores in brown as well) $34.80

Fall for me means back to school and back to work. It also means I'll be on my feet all day teaching, so comfortable shoes are a must. Here are my top picks for comfortable shoes for my favorite season of the year! And bonus, most of them under $50! How sweet is that?!

*My outfit pics will be back soon. My kind friend Kaycee let me borrow her lens till my new one gets here!


  1. #6 Looks like the pair of Ivanka Trumps that I'm sending back to Zappos! (too brown for me, I wanted something more black based)

    #4 are killer. Hello new teacher shoes!

    1. I totally wanted the Ivanka ones. Are they the sling back ones? I love her shoes. I bought both of the #4 ones in the colors I put in the pic. School shoes indeed!

    2. Oh wait, never mind, you were talking about the snake skin print ones not the studded ones. I still know which Ivankas you are talking about. You must try her boots. The leather is like a dream! Expensive but sooooo worth it!