Hot pink? Of Course!

Friday, September 21, 2012

I am so in love with all my new pink skirts! I must say the shades of pink that J Crew has been putting out are killer! I recently bought a seriously neon pink pleated skirt (see/buy it here on sale) at the Crew that is somehow even brighter than this one. And with my love of hot pink, 2 super bright pinks skirts is still not too many for me!

When I was trying on the pink pleated skirt I asked the fitting room attendant to bring me a solid navy shirt and she brought me this long sleeve tee. I loved the little gold buttons at the neckline so much, I went to check out the other color options. I then discovered this black and cream striped version and with a $10 off promotion I decided to get one stripe and one solid. I knew they would be great fall and winter staples that would get plenty of use.

By the way, Who says redheads can't wear pink! Ha!

 Skirt, belt and Shirt (buy shirt here): J Crew, Shoes: Rampage, Bracelet and earrings: Forever 21. Watch Michael Kors, Lips in Fuchsia Flash by Smashbox.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!