One Year Ago Today

Monday, October 8, 2012

One year ago today I had the honor of marrying this handsome, talented, funny, supportive man and shared the most perfect wedding day ever! Everything about it was so perfectly "us." We have been together for nearly 13 years now and I couldn't image life without him and our own special brand of silliness we bring out in each other. 

Here's to the rest of our lives together!! I couldn't ask for a better partner to spend my forever with.

Union Station

 Osaka Garden in Jackson Park

Michigan Avenue smooch!

He even wore hot pink for me! How could I even ask for more?


  1. One of my favorite memories of a year ago was something I think your blog readers will appreciate...

    We were taking photos at Millennium Park (btw my uncle Sam Lucero took our photos and did an incredible job as you can see! See more - and a shy little girl at the park came up and said to Jill in her wedding dress: "you look sooo beautiful can I take a picture with you?" Jill obliged of course and let her hold the pink bouquet!

    That little girl was right. Jill is a wonderful, beautiful woman and what you see on this blog is just a glimpse of what I'm lucky to see every single day!

  2. LOVEBIRDS!!! Stop it with all the schmoopiness!! :) You two are adorable, I'm blessed that CPY has introduced me to some GREAT people! 13 years?! Impressive.. you make it look easy. ;) Happy Anniversary, enjoy your weekend! <3

    1. We feel pretty lucky to have each other and all our GREAT CPY friends as well!