WEEKEND BONUS! Recent Purchases and Wants: October

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh it's a ridiculous array of items with no rhyme or reason, but here it is. I tried to pick a theme, but out of ponchos, sweaters, hunter green pants... the truth is I'm just obsessed with all of it so I couldn't pick. So I just crammed it all into one! All these items are either on my wish list or currently in my closet from the month of October.

The best part is that only 2 of these items are over $100 (the 2 capes on the far left) and they're just barely over, I promise! Seriously, this is one thrifty list!

FYI, anyone interested in the gray or camel ponchos I suggest you move fast! I tried to order the camel one a few days back and it disappeared out of my "bag" on the Forever21 website. It came back in stock today with limited quantities!

Enjoy ladies... and I know all of your husbands and boyfriends are starting to hate me for enabling your shopping habit but I just won't apologize for that.

Recent Purchases and Wants: October

Links to the items above (click on the pic below):

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