Friday Vest Repeat!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Told you this Akira vest was getting a lot of wear... like in last Friday's post.

This was just a basic easy outfit for the end of the work week when I couldn't be bothered with bright colors. But I guess everyone needs a small break from the bright from time to time. Especially on the days when that person is trying to lay off the coffee...

And for all those wondering about/hating me for getting a full week out of my manicures like I talked about in yesterdays post, well have a secret for you. That secret is Essie's "Good To Go" topcoat. It dries in like 3 minutes (seriously!) and makes my nails look like they are fresh and glossy for days. It's been my tried-and-true favorite for years now!

Ralph Lauren Outlet Button down
Akira Vest

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