Green Day

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If you look closely in this post, you will notice something that almost never happens to me. My nails are unpainted! 

My secret to keeping a fresh looking mani all week (because let's face it, that's pretty much the shelf life if you're lucky) is to cut my nails super short so there is no breakage or bendage that creates chips. After that, it's a strict schedule of Sunday nights in the bathroom where I emerge an hour later with a fresh glossy color!

I know most people don't really care about having polished finger tips 24/7, but I do. In fact it actually kind of hurts my cuticles when they are bare, plus they just look plain ugly to me. This week with the holiday travel I just didn't have time!

And now a fun story: Yesterday was "color day" as part of spirit week at school and 5th grade's color was green hence the green outfit. Every time I wear one of my cargo vests to school I get comments from students that I look like a safari ranger or a zookeeper but today I got my favorite yet: Dora the Explorer! I promised that student, while I do see the similarities, MY vest was actually quite fashionable.

PS: extra credit to anyone who isn't Amy who can guess where this picture was taken. :)

Forever 21 Fringe Boots, necklace, and bracelet
Target Skirt (old)
Old Navy Surplus vest and white long-sleeve tee
Gap belt (old and scored it for $4!)


  1. What's that magic topcoat called again?

  2. I wish I could keep a mani all week. Nursing = extreme hand washing = mani fail. So I'm often bare-nailed. I have always been impressed at the beautifully polished state of your nails! And...are you in a bathroom?

    1. BINGO! It's my private teacher bathroom in my classroom! It's unreasonably huge and full of blank wall why not! I don't ever let the kids use it which is why it's so clean:) Bare legs and bitter cold don't mix so it was a good indoor choice that day!