Bundled Mess

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not as much of an outfit as an outerwear post! 

This is what seems to happen every winter. I have the best of intentions and I buy a colored coat with a fun matching glove/hat/scarf combo, yet somehow I leave the house every morning in some crazy mismatched mess with a black coat on. Good thing I really like this coat that I happened to find on sale last winter at Nordstrom Rack. I loved the leather details even then before it was trendy and all over the place.  

So I think all this mismatching somehow works. What do you think? And are you guilty of always wearing the same black coat day after day too?

Sunglasses: Target
Tee shirt: Zara
Boots: Etienne Ainger
Hat: Old Forever 21
Toggle Coat: Andrew Marc
Scarf: Made by my sister-in-law!

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