Easy Choice

Friday, December 14, 2012

I stood in the glove section of H&M for so long, holding a pair of oxblood leather gloves in one hand and these hot pink leather ones in the other, contemplating which ones I should get. As if it was even a question! One is a seasonal color trend but the other is true love. Hot pink and I have a bond that can't be broken by what fashion dictates as a trend. It's a love that will last forever! 

My husband thinks this coat is "ridiculous", as he does my cape coats. I have a more specific commentary on this coat though. I call this my Velociraptor coat (think angry upright dinos in Jurassic park kitchen scene). I still love this coat and will continue to think my silly thoughts whenever I feel the need to pull the collar up...

Aritzia TNA leggings
Forever 21 Skirt and necklace
J Crew Sweater
Target sunglasses
Zara Coat(2 years ago)
H&M hot pink leather gloves

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  1. I love velocirapter collar coats!!! Those gloves are so you for sure!! Very cute outfit!