H&M Sale Madness

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If you have not been to H&M in awhile, I suggest you go. Especially if you like getting amazing deals! I kid you not, I got 9 items (two of this dress in black and blue, burgundy faux-leather pencil skirt, metallic marled sweater, cream textured tee, tree print blouse, floral button down, burgundy dress with gold zipper details and a white cable sweater with black exposed zipper detail) for $135!! Insanity.

My husband does a very funny impression of what he thinks I looked like leaving the store (think movie shopping-montage with "Walking on Sunshine" playing in the background).

This dress was 10 bucks! While it's not the most amazing dress in the world, it was but a mere $10, and so was its twin in black... which I also bought... and maybe I also got it in a textured winter white too a few days later (totally can't wait to wear it with the black fur vest over it!) I mean, come on! For 30 bucks I got 3 dresses that are easy and comfy to wear to work. That's too good of a deal to pass up.
Am I right ladies? Get in there soon while the gettin' is still good!

H&M Dress and necklace
DKNY tights
Randolph Street Vintage Fest Bangle

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  1. that does sound pretty awesome. and that dress is so simple and lovely. I'm sure you will be able to remix it a million times.
    Chic on the Cheap