Lady Camo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As you may recall from yesterday's post, I recently went bananas at H&M. I mentioned this floral blouse in my massive list of finds. It drew me in because it kind of reminded me of all this galaxy print stuff that's been going on in the fashion world lately. I find it a bit too trendy for me to have a constellation on my shirt, but an abstract floral print that is reminiscent of one (and will stand the test of time) is just fine by me. And also as I mentioned before every thing was crazy cheap so this was just $15!

Those were my thoughts on the print, but now, here's what one of my ten-year-old students told me; "Teacher, you look like a lady soldier. Like what they wear in the army!" I don't recall velour skinny pants and floral being part of that uniform but what do I know...

Forever 21 Velour Skinny pants
J Crew Studded belt
H&M Floral Blouse
Ebay Elephant Bracelet
Ivanka Trump boots (purchased last October) 


  1. You look so perky in this photo and it. You are fitting beautifully into those skinny jeans!


    1. Thanks Marie! And I think I was just REALLY cold, not so perky! :)