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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This dress is about as old as time but has stood the test of time as well. It works in the summer as a sleeveless option and in the winter, as you see here, with tights and a top layered underneath.

I got this bird print top with a rhinestone collar on Ebay for $12 from China. It arrived with legit Zara tags and a $50 price tag! I'm almost afraid to link this for fear of some kind of illegal activity but whatever, not my problem!

I have also realized that this is my second bird print top. Really? Does one person really need two bird print tops? See the other one here.

These are my new Holly boots from ShoeMint which sold out by the time they got to me! Good thing I bought them on my phone during my lunch break the day they came out! The only problem I have with them is that the zipper pulls somehow manage to jump into the boot as I walk which is really quite weird and mildly annoying.

The challenge continues for good outdoor pictures. My blogger friend Amy an I are getting progressively weaker when it comes to bearing the cold sans jacket and not to mention we were booted from our favorite secret location! Where are 2 Chicago girls supposed to park to take ridiculous pictures of ourselves prancing about in frigid temps with no coats on?!? Silliness!

Dress: Ancient Charlotte Russe
Forever 21 necklace and Bracelet
Watch: La Mer

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  1. This is a cute outfit!! :) I love the fancy bedazzled collar and those boots are cute!!