Can You Tell Which is the Knockoff?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I have been in obsessed with these tough little booties since I first saw them, but lets face it, I'm not on a Chloe budget.
Then came the Vince Camuto "Tipper" boots in the Nordstrom catalog which I ordered immediately after seeing them. I kept them in the box for what felt like forever but ultimately decided to return them because I still found them to be a little too pricey.
Then just yesterday, in my January ShoeMint showroom appeared a very similar pair! Since I already had a credit good for one pair of shoes I ordered them with no guilt!
I'm perfectly happy wearing a knockoff that saves me money and hopefully ends my internal struggle with these bold little booties!

Now on to the fun part!
Can you tell the difference? Which do you think are the $1,345 Chloe pair, the $169.00 Vince Camuto pair, or the $79.98 ShoeMint pair?? And no peeking at the answers below! Let me know how you did in the comments below!

Knockoff vs. Ripoff

1. Vince Camuto: Tipper boot $168.95
2. Chloe:  Suzanne $1,345.00
3. Shoemint: Francoise $79.98

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