Hot Pink Windowpane

Friday, January 11, 2013

Another cold day, another bathroom photo shoot. You probably didn't need to know that this was taken in my work bathroom but oh well, there it is. 

I had been eyeing this windowpane silk J Crew top for a while, like I do anything pink and sold at J Crew.

One morning over my Christmas break, a lovely man from J Crew called me. To my surprise he asked me if I'd like to come by and pick up a bag from one of their holiday displays -- I had asked a few weeks prior if they would donate their old decorations for my classroom -- and he remembered! Of course, while I was there picking them up I spotted this top again, but this time on sale as well as a fabulous tweed dress. With the 30% off sale prices and then my 15% off teacher discount on top of that, I couldn't resist! 

Aside from awesome customer service and great clothes, now they have also helped my classroom! Just one more reason to love J Crew!

"Magic" Pants: Express
Heels: Cole Hann
Earrings: Francesca's
Necklace: Forever 21


  1. Let's see the displays??? Curious!

    1. It was basically a bizillion blank old timey looking gift tags in minima folder yellow/white and silver and gold strung as garland on white rope! We made tickets out of them for a dance class fund raiser and i still have about a million more! I donated some tags and the rope to the art teacher too.