I Might Have a Problem

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I really hope this whole "leather" legging trend stays around because my collection is getting a little out of control. At least all of mine are slightly different and haven't cost over $40! Especially the great deal I got on these on clearance: $11! Really!? Why not? I rationalized purchasing these because they are way thicker (warmer) than my others. 

This pair of leggings pairs so well with my favorite old ASOS sweater and my pretty awesome new necklace from my awesome blogger/teacher friend Amy!

By the way if you recall me mentioning Monday that I wore my full "leather" leggings to dinner with my father-in-law, I wore these out to dinner with the parents of my husband's friend! Whats with me and wearing inappropriate pants around parents? I might have some kind of problem.

Bag: Aldo Outlet
Sweater: ASOS (old)
Boots: Holly via Shoemint
Spike and Sparkle necklace: Gifted from Amy

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  1. Awww maaannnn these pants are so cute on you! They looked TERRIBLE on me, even in multiple sizes