Love/Hate Relationship with Teal

Friday, January 18, 2013

Teal and I don't seem to get along. It really just isn't my color. I'm not even sure why I bought these pants. Probably because they are my favorite $16 Forever 21 pants that I have in about 6 colors and I knew I'd at least love the fit. The color, not so much.

I bought them a while back in the fall because I knew I needed some fall-colored bottoms.This paring you see here is the first time I have posted pics of these pants, but not the fist time I tried to incorporate them in an outfit for this blog. This was the first and only time I think I have actually liked the color. Don't get used to it folks!

What do you think? Am I crazy for thinking teal doesn't look good on me?

Coat: Nine West funnel neck coat via Macy's
Blouse: Old Zara sale find from last winter's sale
Booties: Report -Marks (buy here)
Necklace and round stone bracelet: Forever 21(old)
Blue bangle: and opal bangle: Randolph Street Market
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Love the pants on you! Maybe a brighter top though in a different shade wouldn't make you hate the pants =0)

    1. Every time I tried them with a bright color i felt like a highschooler! It just didnt work for me!

  2. I think they look great. Maybe the brown hair is helping you enjoy putting on some teal. Tealis outside my color choices of black, gray, white and beige that I only wear so kudos to you lady!

  3. guess thats over because now I'm back to red!

  4. YES YOU ARE CRAZY. Certainly teal pants are fine. I can see how a teal top with red hair might be a bit much, but pants????

  5. See, I was picturing a whole 'nother colorvision when the title said "teal" I guess I'd have to see the pants in person, but they don't really look teal? More like muted cobalt? Maybe my computer monitor is special? I dunno. I've been permanently traumatized when it comes to teal - I'll have to show you pictures of a bridesmaid dress - complete with sequins, matching purse and shawl - that I had to wear. It was so ugly, your own mama would slap you for wearing it. LOL.
    That being said.. maybe pair it with a black top, saucy (stealing Andrew's word lol) heels and lots of bling!!