NYE 2012

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I had grand plans of wearing a great iridescent white peplum sequin dress for New Year's Eve. And then I realized how little that plan made sense... since I was going to be at a hole-in-the-wall bar with a bunch of dudes who would probably spill drinks on that pretty dress. So I switched to a safe-colored black dress. 

Then my next thought was there will be lots of outdoor walking because we will probably have a really hard time catching a cab because they're alway full on New Year's. So then I added the tights, walkable heels and a extra layer of warmth under the dress in the form of a snowcat button-down.

I refused to give up all the fun and sparkle so I tossed on this necklace and bracelet. Maybe one of these New Year's I'll get to wear a sequin dress instead of being so darn practical!

Dress: H&M
Snow Cat Button-Down: J Crew
Watch: Target
Necklace + Chain Bracelet +tights : Forever 21
Booties: ShoeMint Holly


  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHA: This is your "practical" look!

  2. I love the shirt under the dress and it looks like one piece! It looks very fun and chic and you look amazing!

  3. Nice outfit! I like those glittery tights!


    1. Thanks! A little itchy but they do the trick!

  4. Did you end up even buying the "great iridescent white peplum sequin dress"? I'm curious to see it if you did!