On My Radar

Monday, January 21, 2013

I wish I could tell you that there is some kind of theme to this stuff, but there really just isn't. Unless you count "things that I really like" as a theme...

On My Radar

Trend alerts:

  • Window Pane seems to be sticking around. Get it in a blouse like the black-and-white one above and layer it under sweaters, or wear alone with a fun printed scarf!

  • Aurora Borealis seems to be the only trend I've been able to identify for spring as far as jewelry goes. That totally makes me happy because Grandma left me a few pieces I will be wearing in the very near future. I'd LOVE to add this bracelet from above to my collection.
  • News flash, bows are still in. Turns out the trend we ladies have been rocking since infancy is still kickin'!

  • Next: 70's inspired dresses, both shape and print. Hurry over to your favorite vintage store and snag a dress in a cool pattern and have it tailored to give it a modern look. If your local vintage store is picked over, head over to ASOS and try the blue or green one above! And if your feeling splurgy, J crew has this great yellow one as well.
  • The white and black lace sleeveless BCBG dress was something I saw on the show "The Lying Game." Yes, I watch and even enjoy ABC Family shows. I will be waiting for this one to go on sale!
  • And how cool would this black Marlies Dekkers bra be peaking out from a sweater a la Rachel Berry (yes, this was on Glee too.)
  • Oh yes, there's a crab sweater too! I bought it! It's adorable. That is all.

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