Under the Influence of Pink

Friday, March 29, 2013

OK people, put your sunglasses on because it's about to get bright in here! 

Any chance I can, I wear my pink soulmate of a jacket: my J. Crew Symphony jacket! 

I planned to wear it to dinner with my husband but then realized I had no pink anywhere else in the outfit. So I added pink shoes to the mix... and a necklace with pink accents... and pink lips, and that is how a really neutral outfit became very "Jill appropriate!"

Heels: Sole Society "Brooke" (buy here and btw, surprisingly comfy) 
Pants: Express "Magic" pants (buy on sale here)
Sweater: Madewell (one here on eBay)
Blouse: Forever 21 (buy here) Looks way more expensive than it is!

Dressy Scrubs

Thursday, March 28, 2013

This outfit is the result of the stress from the "collars" theme this week. It's been sitting in my closet for awhile now but never got worn because it always felt like dressy scrubs. I decided to un-nurse-ify this dress and add a whole bunch of darkness to it. I think it did the trick.

Shirt dress: Gap (not online but my be in your local store's sale section)
Vest: Macys (old)
Necklaces & Tights and Earrings: Forever 21 --side note-I lost one earring as soon as I got home :(
Bag: Target
Booties: Old Navy

Here's Where You Can Find Me!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wow oh wow, have I been a busy girl! Funny how you can be so productive and never leave the couch.

In the last 24 hours I managed to become a Lucky Online Community Contributor (you know, Lucky magazine, but online!) I also turned this little blog into a legit website. You might have noticed something a little different up there in your browser!

Next on the agenda is to pretty up this blog with a fancy heading. I also need to make new business cards with my personal shopping/assistant company (Jill of All Trades Chicago) on one side and blog info on the other. Yes, did you know you can hire me!!

And in case you're a social media junkie (which I am quickly becoming) I'm now on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook! You can't escape me, I'm EVERYWHERE!

Onto the Fashion. This here is what I call my "Charlie Sheen shirt." I've been told it looks classy on numerous occasions, even Chanel-esque, but all I think of is those weird bowling shirts that his character always used to wear on Two and a Half Men! One might wonder why I even bought it. I guess I was hoping that most of your thoughts were in the Chanel-esque camp.

 Top: Forever 21(less "Sheeny" option here)
Earrings: Forever 21
Rose Gold box chain Necklace: Forever 21 (buy it here)
Jeans: Zara (almost identical)
Rose Gold Bracelet: H&M
Spike necklace: Gifted from Amy
Cheetah Pointy-Toe Flats: Target (buy here) Side note: These shoes surprisingly DIDN"T cut up my heel!

Collars: Pink & Polka-Dots

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As you may know from reading my post yesterday, I'm on spring break! I woke up this morning to the realization that I never scheduled a post for my usual 6AM! I guess I was too caught up in the excitement of my week-long freedom. I hope you can forgive me!

This gray and white polka-dot blouse is one of those things I wanted to wear the second I bought it which is rare for me. I usually wait for the perfect moment/outfit. Even more rare, I found it at TJ Maxx which is a store I very rarely go into/find anything in. This visit happened to be the best I've ever done in that place finding this blouse for $17, as well as 2 Cynthia Rowley dresses each for $30! Not too shabby!

Pink chain bracelet: Alimonada (love this one here too)
Rose gold Aurora borealis Bracelet: Oia Jules (buy here)
Skirt: J. Crew
Blouse: TJ Maxx (similar in black w/ white dots here) I hear there is one that looks just like mine at Old Navy. Good luck searching!
Cardigan: C. Wonder
Bubble Necklace: eBay

Collars: Not Crabby This Monday

Monday, March 25, 2013

It's true. I'm not crabby at all this particular Monday. 

You see, I'm not waking up at my usual 5:30AM because it's Spring Break! I have a week off work! So while that means I'm sleeping in and enjoying the daylight, you at work are feeling... well... crabby. I guess this sweater is for all of you!

Happy Monday to all, working or not today!

Jeans: H&M
Red Flats: Old Navy
Bracelet & Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Target
Lips: Nars - Heatwave

Current Cravings

Sunday, March 24, 2013

When I crave, I crave hard! A few of these items may have already been ordered and making their way to my closet soon!
Here's what I'm craving right now...

*Perfect everyday yet interesting mid-heels, 3 inches or less! These animal print Zara heels are only 2.5in!

*Items for our Honeymoon in Greece this summer like this maxi dress from ASOS!

*Spring bags in pastels

*Fun floral/print tops. Loving that orange-print top and floral peplum

*Striped shoes (that don't make my feet look enormous)

*An interesting take on the common sweatshirt like this rhinestoned option or this black "oh my chic" one I've been wanting since I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers at Fashion week in NYC!

So what are you craving? I'd love to know.

Current Cravings

Click the picture to buy!

Theme: COLOR! - Red, Navy & Cream

Friday, March 22, 2013

This is what I wore to the Spring Cosmetics Trend Show at the ripe old hour of 7am on a Saturday at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue. As you might notice, Ariel (my name for my extensions) came out with me for the day, as did my new StyleMint blouse.

Jeans: Zara
Lips: Nars-Heatwave

Olivia fit into the "color" theme nicely!

 A black-and-white scene from the show.

 A full row of pretty ladies with me!

Theme: COLOR - Pink & Floral

Thursday, March 21, 2013

You know what I'm getting really sick of? Wind! I know this is Chicago, the "windy city," but enough. I'm pretty tough when it comes to taking my coat off in the below-freezing temps, but the wind is super annoying. Blowing my hair, clothes and skirts all over the place making it near impossible to take outfit pictures outside. 

That is all on that rant.

Anyway, the highlight of wearing this outfit was when a student asked me if I was "wearing my pajamas!" Of course! Don't all people wear jewelry, wedges and a belt to sleep?! That was pretty darn funny coming from a 10-year-old.

This is my China knock-off of the J. Crew Archipelago necklace that I became obsessed with when I saw it on a episode of The Bachelor! See the real version here. ($165)

Necklace: eBay
Pink button-down: Ralph Lauren Outlet
Pants: H&M (recent)
Watch: La Mer
Army Jacket: Forever 21

Theme: COLOR - Lavender & Gray

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I wouldn't say this outfit is impresive as far as color goes. I mean, it's pretty basic. 

The part of my outfit I would like to point out is my first successful "triple necklacing!" All day people kept complimenting me on my necklace to which I would say: "Which one? It's three." It's not as easy as it looks, but now that I have found three that go together so nicely they will be making repeat apperances in this same layered order.

Take a peek all the way down below at how I wore it out on the weekend!

Pants: Forever 21
Striped Top: Loft (old)
Blazer: Aritzia
Necklaces: (shortest to longest) Forever 21, Vintage, Lia Sophia
Bracelet: Forever 21(old)
Shoes: Boutique 9  Belinda Oxford

Animal print top: Zara
Blazer: Forever 21
Lips: Nars in Heatwave