Black & White with a Splash of Red

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Here's that "color" I promised you yesterday. it comes in the form of my new H&M scarf. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep this scarf until I tried it with this combo. I thought it really completed the look, plus it's light enough to wear into the spring and maybe even the summer.

The Hunters were worn out of complete necessity, considering the Chicago streets are nothing but slush.

This is also my second attempt (here first) at the "curing my hair and leaving the ends out" technique. I find that this is a lot harder than it seems because it really matters what direction the ends are sticking out of the curling iron/flat iron. It's a science I'm learning to perfect. What do you think of the curls?

Scarf: H&M (recent)
Jacket: Zara
White top & Pants: Express
Boots: Hunter
Lips: Smashbox in Mandarin


  1. I think your curls look great! I always leave a little of the ends out- maybe experiment with how much of the hair you leave out to get the results you want. I also love the color of your hair!

    1. Thanks! My hair is recently long enough to have a bit to leave out. It was really hard when it was shorter so now I'll let the experimenting begin!

  2. I think your hair came out great! i love the pairing of the scarf with the Hunters, even if they were for necessity.

    Fleur de Lyss

    1. You know I didn't even really notice that they went together well until you made that comment! maybe next time it will be intentional!

  3. I am all for cute-ing up a pair of Hunters..mine came out Tuesday night with my Girls Night cute outfit, out of complete necessity with our snow storm, but they looked cute regardless!
    I'm in love with that Zara jacket.. something I would probably never buy myself b/c I'd talk myself out of it b/c it was a "me" thing to wear, but love love love it on you. And that scarf.. makes your lipstick and your hair pop!