Current Cravings

Sunday, March 24, 2013

When I crave, I crave hard! A few of these items may have already been ordered and making their way to my closet soon!
Here's what I'm craving right now...

*Perfect everyday yet interesting mid-heels, 3 inches or less! These animal print Zara heels are only 2.5in!

*Items for our Honeymoon in Greece this summer like this maxi dress from ASOS!

*Spring bags in pastels

*Fun floral/print tops. Loving that orange-print top and floral peplum

*Striped shoes (that don't make my feet look enormous)

*An interesting take on the common sweatshirt like this rhinestoned option or this black "oh my chic" one I've been wanting since I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers at Fashion week in NYC!

So what are you craving? I'd love to know.

Current Cravings

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  1. I love your wishlist, especially the bag and sweater :)