Pastel Pants in Winter!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am now interrupting this three-day black-and-white theme to talk about COLOR -- colored denim, specifically pastel denim. 

It seems that when all the spring collections came along, all we saw in stores was pastels. And now with snow still covering the ground, fashionistas everywhere are trying to figure out ways to add pastels into their winter wear.

I decided to try the same, considering Amy and I bought these lavender pants a few weeks back and had both been itching to wear them.  Amy did an awesome job styling them; see her look here.

I think the trick is to not go too dark in color or too heavy in fabric on top. If choosing a dark color on top, make it a loose knit or something with a fun print to break up the heaviness like my stylish friend Erica (pictured below) did with this sweater, mint jeans and black fringe booties.

It can be done ladies!

I'm also loving the extra layer of warmth in the form of polka-dotted socks where the fear of a naked ankles used to be. Why not roll them pastel pants up a little bit and show off those cute socks! I got these at H&M in a two-pack for $1.00!!

Erica trying out the trend

Pin: Grandmas Aurora Borealis
Necklace: HRN
Turtleneck: H&M(old)
Pants: Forever 21
Socks H&M (recent)
Booties: Clarks
Bracelet: Oia Jules

And now, my quest to find the perfect neon coral jeans. I was first made entirely obsessed with these jeans by Rachel over at Pink Peonies when she styled them in four ways that work in current temperatures. Major fashion inspiration!!

So first I went to buy the exact ones, begrudgingly paying full price. $70.

The next week I saw a pair that looked almost identical at Target for $28. They were not nearly as comfortable but for 40 fewer dollars, I'll deal.

Then on an always-enjoyable trip to JC Penny in the 'burbs, I stumbled upon a solo pair on a clearance rack for 14 bucks! I had a winner!!

And now the true test, can you tell them apart at all really? (Answers below)

Top to bottom: 1. Target $28  2. Gap (now on sale for $54)  3. JC Penny $14


  1. YAY! My iPhone pic no where compares to you fahncy pahnts camera, but happy I made it on the blog anyways!
    Um, I'm LOVING the polka dog socks and booties idea!

    1. dont you worry, you know I'll always share that camera love!

    2. Oh, and I'm loving that each of these socks cost a quarter a piece!!

  2. Yea Erica, see you should be wearing CUTE socks when you wear booties!

    1. Has someone been telling her sister to wear socks with her booties for some time now? hmm...

  3. Cannot tell the difference at all! I truly LOVE JCP! They surely have come a long way.

    Fleur de Lyss

    1. ME TOO! a few years back i discovered how great they were on a road trip and now anytime i leave the city i hope to find a mall will a jcp! And now with joe fresh coming to jcp, i may have to be driving out to the burbs more often!

  4. JCP has definitely been great since their revamp. I never shopped there before and now I've made trips to the mall just to go there. because I really needed another store to get me to buy stuff I don't need ;)
    the denim does look identical, so it was a great buy.

    the sock peek-a-boo is so cute, I want to try it but I feel like none of my boots work.

    Chic on the Cheap