Theme: COLOR - Pink, Red & Tan

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I know you are all probably sitting there with your jaw dropped at the fact that I'm wearing pink again. Get used to it. The theme may as well have been "pink" this week, not "color."

I saw this sweater on the TV show "The Mindy Project" with a pink button-down underneath it. Realizing that I had both those pieces in my closet, I decided to replicate it. I tried to pause the show to see what the character wore on the bottom half, but it was impossible to tell! Too many sitting scenes with waist-up-only shots! I decided on the red pants as well as the cheetah slippers to keep it interesting. I even got to break out my clearance $3 H&M earrings that had been hanging out on my jewlery table for far too long.

Just thought I'd offer this up to my readers as well, click through this link to Sole Society and get 20% off! I've talked in the past about how much I love their shoe site and how they show great outfit styling ideas with each shoe. I think you will love it too! Link expires Thursday!

Sweater: J. Crew
Pastel Pink Button-Down: Ralph Lauren Outlet
Cheetah Slippers: Target (buy here for $20)
Earrings: H&M


  1. cute colorblocking!
    hope you check out my blog and we could start following each other xx