Glad I Found You

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everything in this outfit is something I'm so glad I purchased. 
  • This top may have been the only thing I ever bought full price from Anthropologie but I just love the color and frill in the front.
  • This mint blazer is made of comfy cotton to keep it feeling like a classy sweatshirt. I'm sure it will sell out fast. Be sure to size down; it runs big!
  • This statement necklace matched so well with my outfit I wore the minute I got it.
  • These shoes I looked everywhere for, and thought they would never be mine. But good old Amy spotted a pair in Old Orchard and they have been sprucing up outfits ever since.
  • The best though are these jeans. I bought them in Ireland a few years ago where I discovered the store A|wear. Now that I can still get A|wear and many other lines not sold in the US through ASOS with free shipping and returns.

I will be heading off to Vegas with my husband tomorrow. Expect pictures with less wind and perhaps even some tan skin coming soon!

Blazer: Forever 21 (buy here now while it lasts)
Necklace: Forever 21 (buy here)
Bracelet: J Crew Factory
Watch: Charming Charlie
Bow Bracelet: Forever 21
Jeans: A|wear bought in Ireland see here on Asos
Heels: Forever 21 


  1. Love the color of that blazer! Very pretty

  2. Great color combo! Have fun in Vegas!!!!!!!

  3. HAHA I love playing "Did I take these pictures?" My first thought is usually wrong.

  4. Very cute spring outfit, love the colors!!! have fun in Vegas, dahling!