Wear Neon Any Time

Monday, April 8, 2013

Neon may be seen as a spring/summer statement, but I'm all for working it into my chilly weather attire. I know it's warming up outside and my pictures in a trapper hat are making you sad but they are only from just a few weeks back! (sorry it took so long to get these posted.)

This sweater was stalked till I found it at a prime sale price. I had my eye on it for a long time and actually would have loved to have found it in white too, though the neon shade was my first choice.

Also as you may have started to notice I'm getting really good at finding J Crew necklace knockoffs at super cheap prices! This one was the "Grand Stone Necklace" sold for $165. Mine was found on eBay for just under $30 with shipping! Sure it's not exact but its pretty darn close!

Oh and btw, no joke, these are straight-up Lululemon tights I wore to work! I had to coach after school so I eliminated half the pieces of clothes I had to change into. Not bad, eh?

Neon Sweater: Gap
Leggings: Lululemon
Spike Bracelet: Ebay
Watch: La Mer via Stitch (very similar La Mer for Target version)
Hat: Norsdtrom Rack
Sunglasses: Target
Scarf: J. Crew


  1. I love neon colors! Your sweater is amazing and so are your shoes and necklace!


  2. I love searching for faux JCrew necklaces on Etsy! I just ended up ordering two from https://www.etsy.com/shop/Fashionofworld?ref=seller_info. Check it out!

  3. I really love the neon trend, and your knock off necklace was a great find. it's gorgeous and was affordable, so who cares its a little different.
    Chic on the Cheap