White Motorcycle Vest

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not sure if you know, but I had been searching for a PLAIN white faux-leather vest for quite some time now. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I found this vest at Forever 21 online for a mere $18. I actually saw it first at the store but it was on the mannequin in the window and they wouldn't let me have it. So I had to order it online. Side note, I'll never understand why stores put things in the window that they don't have ANY of to sell! Super annoying.

After just a few short days, my perfect simple white vest arrived which I made work appropriate with a skirt, sparkly necklace and pearls! Yes, PEARLS & a motorcycle vest can work in the same outfit!

Since I'm on vacation, let's consider this my Friday. I'll be back posting on Monday, but until then you can follow my trip on Instagram!

Skirt: J Crew 
Shoes: Shoemint "Hillary"
Striped boat-neck tee: J Crew Factory (similar)
Vest: Forever 21 (buy here)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: OLD men's watch from Target
Pearl earrings: Macy's


  1. They really wouldn't sell it to you? Lame! LOL, glad you were able to order it online. It goes so great with that skirt. Enjoy soaking up the sun!

  2. surely amazing, I really like this garment, so so tendy and unique!
    keep reading xx


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the stripes with the leather moto vest!!!