Floral Blazer Found!

Monday, June 3, 2013

I finally found the floral blazer that was on my mind for so long. (I know, like I need another blazer.)

First I found this one on Ruche but I didn't want to dole out the 52 bucks for a Zara look-alike. Then a light went off in my head. Where do I always find my best Zara look-alike items (like this black leather sleeved jacket) at great prices? eBay! And there is was for just 27 bucks! Such a deal!

In true Jill fashion, I kept the blazer sitting in my closet until I found the perfect thing to wear it with. I'm not the bust-the-tags-off-right away kind of girl. I let it stew until a vision comes to me. Can't have the first time I wear a new item be a poorly planned regret, oh no.

I knew I wanted to wear the blazer with jeans, but a white t-shirt just seemed too boring. I kind of accidentally put this blazer on the night before with this gingham top and it actually worked. To top off my look-alike themed outfit I added my silver J. Crew "Everly" look-alikes that I scored for $35!

Jeans: Zara
Chain Bracelet: Forever 21 (sold out but similar here)
Gingham button down: J. Crew (similar here from the Factory store)
Sunglasses: Target


  1. It's a great blazer and you can wear it with so many things.

  2. I hear you on not taking tags off right away. Sometimes my judgement is way off, and I am glad for those times that I don't the tag off. That blazer is really too good and needed just the perfect occasion to be taken out.

  3. Love the flower blazer! I saw one at Target that I was tempted to buy until I saw it was a cropped and I wasn't digging the cropped so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for another!