NY: Part 1

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ok, so I'm having trouble with where to even begin. This might have to be a many-part series on my trip to New York.

Let's start on the day I left.

That morning I woke up, got dressed and went to work just like any other day. But by 11:00 that night I made my way to one of the most famous places on Earth: Times Square, Manhattan.

But Times Square itself was about to undergo an even bigger change: transforming from a hub of commerce and commotion, into a day-long celebration of yoga at the heart of New York.

So what was this yoga event, you might be asking. It's called "Mind Over Madness," which is perfectly fitting because it's a peaceful yoga practice happening amongst the madness on the crowed city streets of Times Square. If you've been to New York - and even more so if you've been to New York and you do yoga - you can imagine what a contrast this is.

I had seen it in a magazine a few years back and thought it looked absolutely incredible. I held onto that magazine clipping for at least a year and finally went last year, and it was exactly as I had hoped. I couldn't wait to go back this year.

Our hotel, the W New York, Times Square, was just steps away from the check-in station. It was pretty incredible how perfectly situated we were with our location! Here are some pictures from the day's work outfit and then post-flight around the hotel.

*Check out tomorrow's post for pictures from the actual event.

Dress: Old Navy (found mine on the clearance rack for $17!)
Wedges: Express
Belt: Came with this Forever 21 dress
Chambray Blazer: Target
Sunglasses: Purchased at Randolph Street Fest (and as close to the mirrored sunglasses trend as I'm gonna try)
Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet

(Yes, I left my heels at work and changed into my flats for travel)


  1. LOVE that dress. Love the stripes and the colors - next time, buy 2! :)

  2. You mean one for me and one for you?! :)