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Monday, August 19, 2013

On our first afternoon in Santorini we walked over to the village of Fira to go on our boat excursion. In order to get down to the water, we two options: the cable cars or a donkey. My vote without a question was the cable car. And it was one Euro less so even better!

After our cable car ride down the cliffside, we met our ship. The excursion took us first to the Santorini volcano, which we climbed up, then an oceanside natural hot spring, then to a spot that had the most royal blue, yet extremely clear, water to swim in. After that there was food and Greek dancing on the boat as we watched the sunset off the bay of Oia.

Just another magical day in Santorini with a spectacular sunset.

* The only item from my outfit I can find online still is my super-cute sunglasses print bathing suit which I love love love! Buy it here!

The cable cars that take you down the cliffs of Santorini. This is option one.

And here is option two. The donkeys. No thank you.

Waiting for our boat to arrive. How amazing is that water?!

Our ride for the day!

On our way to go climb the volcano!

This is what a volcano looks like up close. Not so scary when it's not erupting.

If you can see those green spots, that's where you can actually see and feel volcanic heat coming out. Make this giant hill seem more like a volcano when you notice that!

The pathway up the volcano.

At the top!

Cover-up: H&M
Shoes: Walmart and in the trash! Worn once to get up that volcano and then they were runined. 
Bathing suit: ASOS

The orangy-brown area is the hot spring. In order to get there, you had to swim from the boat to that spot where it got pretty shallow.

Andrew swimming in the unbelievably blue ocean before dinner on the boat.

I was all done swimming after the hot spring so I got dressed in my clothes from yesterday's post.

Hanging out on the boat ready to watch the sunset.
Scarf from Madewell (love this one)

Some interesting little cave houses for the fisherman.

Oia from the boat! Just beautiful. You can see a winding stair path on the right.

Greek Dancing on the boat at sunset.

Our view on out walk back home. It was all so pretty at night all lit up.

A relaxing end to our evening in our personal hot tub on the balcony.

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