Absolute Bliss: Santorini

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I don't even know how to describe how amazing Santorini is. We arrived at sunset, and it was like heaven on earth.

I've been to a number of beautiful countries all over the world, but none more insanely, unbelievably gorgeous as Santorini. It's almost as if you are afraid to take your eyes off of it, in fear of missing something. And everywhere new you look is just something incredible. 

Our hotel, Absolute Bliss in the city of Imerovigli, was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers Liz. (And if you want to experience some severe travel envy, check out her blog.) Every room comes with its own large private balcony, and ours had a jacuzzi to watch the sunset from as well. We were greeted with a bottle of wine and such warm hospitality. The staff was amazing! They helped us plan everything we did in the days to come, and they even offered to lend us cash if we needed to borrow some!! I mean really, who does that? Sometimes family members aren't even that generous or trusting!

If you are thinking of ever staying in Santorini, I can't recommend this hotel enough. Take a look below at just what the first night there was like. Enjoy.

 Our balcony where we enjoyed our welcome wine.

 The sunset view from our room.

 Guests at the neighboring hotels were enjoying the sunset too!

This is just a small preview of the view down from our room. There were LOTS of stairs involved.

 Dress: Zara (no longer avaliable online)
Blue Bracelet: Oia Jules
Love Bracelet and Hoops: Forever 21
Wavy gold bracelet: Charming Charlie


  1. Beautiful model and beautiful scenery! The tope of your dress matches the sunset. Marie

  2. It was not so much modeling but trying not to blow over the cliff!. It was mega windy! Even blew over our table in the middle of one night! Crazy!

  3. RIP Erica. I'm literally so dying over these pictures. Santorini is on my top 3 list of Must-Go-To places and I'm so envious of your stay there! That sunset?? Stupid! So crazy beautiful, it's stupid! Bah! Love your dress, it suits the place perfectly! And your arm party is a particularly great one! These pictures are making my heart pound.. ugh.. I have to go fan myself.. ...dying..