J. Crew Swim Coverup

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sorry for the delay in this post today. I was at what my cab driver called "Kangaroo court" because I received a violation from the city of Chicago for throwing a shoe box in a garbage can. Dumb! Did you know it's illegal to throw "garbage" in a "garbage can" here in Chicago?!? Silly! Anyway, it was DISMISSED (duh & yay) and now I'm home to bring you the next installment from Greece!

This outfit was pretty much stolen directly from Pink Peonies post a while back and I'm not afraid to admit it. Also it was a favorite of my dad's when he was looking through all my vacation pictures, which I find pretty cute considering he very rarely comments on any of my "fashion" choices.

This particular day on the island of Naxos was spent bumming around the hotel pool and then taking a short walk to the beach. When that's about all your day holds, it's a good day!

 Coverup: J. Crew (also madly in love with this one)
Sunglasses: Nordstrom (only $12)
Nails: Orly "Fancy Fuchsia"

Some yummy fresh treats to enjoy on the balcony of our room. The nectarines are ridiculously, amazingly good in Greece!

Beach views down the street.


  1. So jealous you get to explore Greece! Cute blog, gonna play catch-up on it :)

  2. Such a cute cover up! And totally jealous of your vacay!


    1. Thanks and the vacay was so good I'm almost jealous. Cant believe it was real!

  3. your hair is so dang cute! love the curls in it! this swim cover up is darling with that fun necklace!

    1. Thank you. Greece had like zero humidity so it made hair drying easy as pie! I could dry my hair there forever!