Next Stop, Naxos!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

After Athens, we made our next stop on the large island of Naxos. The part we stayed in was close to the port and everything was pretty much no farther than a 15 minute walk.

In this part of the island we found that scooters, ATVs and mini cars would pretty much run you over on the super-narrow "streets" if you didn't pay attention and stay as close to the sides as humanly possible.

That said, we spent a lot of our time in Naxos at our Hotel, the Porto Naxos, or not too far from it. The pool was awesome and very rarley had more than two other people at it. It was kind of like our own private pool most of the time. Anyone making their way to Naxos, we would highly recommend this hotel. They were so friendly and accommodating and there was a grocery store just steps from the front of the building, not to mention great restaurants very close by. 

We also spent the largest amount of our time on the island of Naxos, so there will be lots more pictures to come this week. Stay tuned!

This was taken right after we got off the ferry boat (the size of a cruise ship!) that took us from Athens to Naxos.

The Porto Naxos Hotel where we stayed in Naxos. 

Our pool! As you can see not much company and that's the way we liked it!

A view of the back of the hotel. That kiddie pool was pretty much my personal pool. The big one was crazy deep in most spots which made holding a book to read in the pool pretty hard.

 Tank and Shorts: Zara (both purchased at the Zara sale not long before we left)
Scarf: Banana Republic outlet
Hat: Randolph Street Fest (similar for $30 here)
Bracelet: Oia Jules via Etsy (Similar here. She has so many great items!)
Sunglasses: Randolph Street Fest (similar here)
Sandals: "Trina" by Sam Edelman


  1. Theae photos are amazing (along with the earlier posts this week!) Greece is so beautiful- I hope to go one day :)

  2. Your Greece posts are so incredibly beautiful! I can't wait for more outfit/vacation shots.