3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I've always been very against buying an insanely expensive "it" bag. 

I never understood it. Every girl will soon have your bag or some knockoff version of it, so what kind of individuality of style is that? But then yesterday I saw one solitary 3.1 Phillip Lim bag sitting all by itself at a suburban Target on the morning of the line's debut (this past Sunday) and fell in love. In fact, I was a little angry at the people of the store that they were not fighting me for this bag! How did I get so lucky to be the one who found it?

I then realized that this bag is simply made to love, and it wasn't about having the "it" bag. I just wanted it because it was beautiful. I also understand now after carrying it for a day why all the bloggers have the real one: It holds everything including my big ol' camera, my workout clothes and wallet! 

Sitting right next to the super-sparse, picked-over Philli Lim rack was this skirt as well. Only one, and in my size. I picked both up and headed directly to the register.

I couldn't wait to show everyone my finds, so here they are! Did anyone else manage to score any Phillip Lim pieces Sunday? Which ones? Do tell!

Sunglasses: Target (old)
Striped tank: Aritzia
Shirt: J. Crew (similar, order mens slim!)
Booties: Old Navy (old but cute otpion here for $80)


  1. I managed to grab the same bag in black...same story...it was the last one sitting there hours after the masses had come and picked everything over. The fashion gods shone down on me haha!

    Love how you styled the skirt! I saw a couple left in my store but orange just isn't my color. I did grab the scarf to tie to my bag though! ;)

    xo Ashton

    1. Good for your Ashton! BTW i though I'd let you know that the coveted target bag from last fall is back in navy tan and plum if you didnt already know about it. Get it while you still can!

  2. I ordered the navy skirt and the white ruffle tank online before it even went live, thanks to all the "hackers" on twitter. I really couldn't bear the chaos of going in store. But you picked up two great pieces from the collection!

    How are the ON booties? I saw them in store and really liked them, but want to know if they are comfortable first. Thanks!

    1. Alyssa!!! My life changing paleo/whole30 hero and inspiration! I cant express how happy i am that you convinced me to try out the whole 30. Its changd my world! Ive stuck to it for about 4 months now, even on my honeymoon! Im down 22 lbs since last summer! Crazy! Thank you soooo much.

      Anywho, the ON booties are from last year but I think the ones you must have saw are these http://bit.ly/14gw8m3 which look super similar and i have the black ones too. Mine are super crazy comfy. I wear them teaching and standing all day! Plus they arent too high but give a little height so I dont feel too much like a giant since I'm already tall.

      What is this with twitter hackers? Im the worst at twitter, im an instagram lover personally. Explain!

      So could hearing from you! Thanks for stopping by!