Black & White Moto Dress

Monday, October 7, 2013

With the black-and-white trend being so on point right now, I find it so much easier to get dressed! 

Black and white always seemed too safe for a color lover like myself, so it didn't really feel like I was trying very hard. But lately I've been loving how clean and simple the look is, not to mention super easy to wear on everyone. So go on, ladies, and wear the heck out of all those black-and-white looks while it's hot.

You may also notice I'm wearing two different pairs of shoes in this post. One was school-teacher wear, and then the heels were the dressed-up tougher version.

Check out some of my black-and-white picks at the bottom!

Dress: CK outlet store in the Fashion Outlets of Chicago
Necklace: From a student years ago (aww how sweet, I know)
Sling backs: Zara

My Black & White picks


  1. SUCH a fun look! I'm loving those shoes too {you seem to have quite the fab collection!} Also, don't forget to link up to the MSB Chicago event recap if you get a chance ;) xx!

  2. Great dress! I love that you showed both options with the shoes! I agree with Maya! You have such great ones:)