Illumination @ the Morton Arboretum

Monday, December 16, 2013

I am backed up with events and outfits to share with you, but I put a rush on this post because it is time-sensitive. Sure, you have a little over a week to figure out all your Christmas gifting, but you only have five days 'til Chicago public school children will be out of school and out in the city making the things you want to do crazy busy!

With that said, I suggest going to visit the Morton Arboretum THIS WEEK. We had such a fun date night walking around looking at the all pretty illuminated trees. After a while you even forget how cold it is outside (I promise).

The path takes you about a mile around to different tree exhibits. If you get chilly, there are fire pits all throughout the paths and some adult beverages as well to keep you toasty. If you have a free night this week, I highly recommend getting out there to see it.


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