Tales From the Runway: WGN Holiday Dos and Don'ts

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thursday was my first-ever TV appearance, all made possible by WGN Morning News and Chicago Blogger Network!

I had the opportunity to showcase holiday dos and don'ts with some lovely Chicago Bloggers! My "do" was too show off your best assests without showing too much skin. My dress was really awesome! It was hard to tell on camera but my Daniel Vosovic dress (yes, the one from Project Runway) had this amazing plum fur panel on the front that opened up in the back like sexy wings. See it a little better here (look #22).

One of the most exciting parts of the was that our dressing room was Bozo the Clown's old dressing room! Kind if creepy but also pretty awesome being from Chicago and watching as a kid.

I'd like to thank Jill of Chicago Blogger Network for offering me this great opportunity and congratulate her on rocking the interview portion of the segment. She really made it look easy! And a job well done to all the other bloggers for working all these holiday looks from Roam boutique in Gold Coast.

Chicago, Blogger, Network, WGN
From left to right: C. J., Lauren, Janet, Ashlei,  MeganKait, & Jill

daniel, Vosovic, Duma

bozo, studio
Bozo Studio! Anyone else remember this from their childhood?

wgn, morning, news, runway
Our runway.

Check out the segment here...

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  1. It was so nice to see you, as always!!! Happy Holidays!!!
    lauren at www.lakeshorelady.com