3 Affordable Options of the 50/50 Boot!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Affordable, Options, 50/50, Boot, Stuart Weitzman
The Original 50/50 Boot/ 1: Franco Sarto "Motor" / 2: GC Shoes Riding Boot / 3: Kelly & Katie Turner Riding Boot

You may have heard of these Iconic 50/50 boots by Stuart Weitzman that are celebrating their 20th anniversary this season! With starlets galore backing them and the huge array or color options is no wonder they have gained icon status. Check out the short clip here celebrating these boots staring none other than Kate Moss!

I, like most of my readers would prefer not to pay $598 dollars for a pair of boots, but can truly appreciate a darn good look-alike at an affordable price. Here are my top three look-alikes. And don't you worry, I purchased all three to test out and send back the ones that don't work on me.

So far the leather on the Franco Sartos (option 1) is very nice. I'm leaning toward option 2 considering their measurements are only off from the original 50/50 by 1/2 and inch in height and calf circumference and ring in at only $70! Feel free to ask any questions about all these boots.

Here are some other boot options to shop as well!


  1. Ooooh la la! Love these - and Kelly & Katie boots are always comfy and cute! xx

  2. Hi Jill! Thank you so much for writing this post! As you know, I've been drooling over the 50/50s for quite some time now so it is so nice to see some affordable options out there. I actually think that the GC riding boot (3rd from the right in the main picture) look so much like the real 50/50s!!! :)