Blue Tweed

Monday, February 3, 2014

This outfit is brought to you entirely by the Zara sale! Except for the bag, that's Target. Literally everything else is Zara. I can't say it enough. Their post-holiday sale is amazing!

This tweed-like sweatshirt is about as comfy and chic as you can fit into a mock turtleneck for 25 bucks! The jacket was purchased full price way back at the end of the summer but was on sale a few weeks ago still. The ankle zip jeans rang in at about $25 too. And let's not forget these sparkly not-too-high heels for $49! And to top it off I got to the register and was drawn in by these sunglasses as well for just $19. I'd say I did pretty darn well at that sale!

Zara, jacket, Gray

navy, satchel, purse

zara, navy


zara, tweed, navy

ankle, zip, jeans, zara
Heels, Jacket, Sweater. Sunglasses & Jacket: Zara
Bag: Target


  1. I've been majorly obsessed with tweed this season! Maybe it's because it's so stinking cold, haha. Love this look lady! xx

  2. you got some great pieces! I love the jacket SO MUCH!
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