Dressing Up Track Pants

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I dressed up these track pants by adding a silk blouse, faux-fur vest and black booties for a weekend of beauty fun at Gold Plaited Finishing Salon. While there, I had the chance to be the makeup model for a brow and bronzing tutorial in their "Gal on the Go" workshop (book one here). I was so impressed with the BDB eyebrow pencil they used on me that I had to pick up one for myself. My brows haven't been the same since. Unfortunately it was so sunny while taking these pics that my eyebrows are hidden by my sunglasses. I promise you they are perfected. If you are in the market for a no-brainer all-hair-color complimenting brow pencil I highly recommend picking this one up here or just stop by Gold Plaited! You wont regret it!

red, hair, bob

red, hair, bob

silk, blouse

forever 21, tote

forever 21, tote

black, vest, fur
Forever 21Vest (similar) // Joe Fresh Silk Blouse (similar) // Langford Market Track Pants (similar) // Tote // Booties // La Mer Collections Customized Watch // Lips

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  1. Silk blouse and fur vest is elegant pairing with track pants.

    xoxo Ra