Madison and Berkeley Showroom

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Since today is #tbt, I guess it's only fitting that I drop this post from the first week of summer break when I was in NYC. What an utterly amazing trip. Peggy and I were rocking all of our New York connections and having a blast. We were so grateful that on our first day there we were able to meet up with blogger buddy Maria, who was on her way out that afternoon, have lunch together at Fred's to have lobster sandwiches. Yep, that actually happened! After that we were off to meet Annette at the Madison and Berkeley/ Ten-Sixty Sherman showroom in Times Square (check out this view!) and get a inside look at what's to come this summer and fall. I have to say that this black tank below with "eat your lettuce and be sad" on it is my personal favorite. We even left with a few goodies of our own (you may have been admiring one of them here.)

Later that night we went out for Greek food and had a full-on Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl sighting! Peggy was even sly enough to unknowingly-to-me snap this pic of him!

If that wasn't enough the very next day we got to take a tour of the Lucky Magazine offices thanks to the Lucky staffers that I met during the Best Dressed Teacher in Chicago Contest I was a finalist in. We got to see EVERYTHING! We were even just feet from Eva Chen right outside her office door! She was busy of course but we did get a peek inside since the door was wide open. I was even brave enough to send her an Instagram message later that day and she responded with such sweet words thanking me for doing the most important job in the world, teaching! Her words, not mine. I nearly fainted! 

Such an amazing trip. Have fun perusing my snaps from the Madison and Berkeley showroom and of course, shopping what I wore there! Hope your #tbt is as memorable as mine!

Annette, our adorable tour guide through the showroom!

And of course there were outfit pictures on the library steps in Bryant Park.

 Loft skirt // Zara top (from last year) // La Mer watch // Vintage bracelet and necklace // Sole Society Tilda sandals // Target jacket (super similar on clearance) // ASOS bag


  1. What a great trip! Never heard of Madison & Berkley, but I will definitely check them out since I am in the city. PS love your skirt

  2. Life was so good in New York--we make great ladies who lunch! :)